Those hilarious secret Bullet Train cameos, explained

bullet train anime mascotSony Pictures

Bullet Train has a star-studded cast, but it also boasts some big-name cameos that haven’t been shown in the trailers.

Bullet Train, the newest blockbuster directed by David Leitch and starring Brad Pitt, has been opening to some mixed reviews – you can read ours here – but one thing that people seem to agree on is how much fun the actors in the film seem to be having.

It carries a large star-studded cast, all perfect for their roles, and this was heavily focused on in the film’s advertising.

However, there are two secret cameos within the film that feature two actors whose mere presence was able to get a laugh out of the audience. So here are their cameos, explained.

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Who secretly cameos in Bullet Train?

Which stars are so big and funny that the film decided it was best to keep their meet prescene in the film a secret? Well, that would be Channing Tatum and Ryan Reynolds.

Both are somewhat small roles – Reynolds doesn’t even speak in his appearance, which almost feels like a waste – but they definitely make an impact. So let’s get into them.

Channing Tatum’s cameo in Bullet Train

Channing Tatum, who’s no stranger to comedy films, having just appeared in The Lost City with fellow Bullet Train star Sandra Bullock, plays a small yet pivotal role in the events of the film.

On the Bullet Train, Ladybug (Brad Pitt) is trying to extract a case full of ransom money, however he is currently being chased by assassin twins Tangerine and Lemon (codenames, of course).

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So Ladybug, who is wearing a silly bucket hat and glasses, figures out a way to get them off his trail – give those clothing items to someone else. And who else does he give them to, but Channing Tatum.

channing tatum Sandra bullet lost cityParamount Pictures
Tatum recently starred in The Lost City with Sandra Bullock, another presence in Bullet Train.

Tatum, who seems to be playing a somewhat ordinary civilian, happily takes the items, and when Tangerine appears in the train cart, he realises that Ladybug has outwitted him.

While this may seem like a simple role, Tatum makes it his own, and makes it hilarious, as both times he is approached in the film, by both Ladybug and Tangerine, he whispers, “Is this the sex thing?” Seems like Tatum’s character has a mission just as odd as the rest of the characters on this train do.

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Ryan Reynolds’ cameo in Bullet Train

Ryan Reynolds is having a lot of fun with his film roles recently, and Bullet Train seems to be part of that.

The set up for the film is that Ladybug has been assigned to this mission because he’s filling in for someone else named Carver. Now this Carver person is, like Ladybug, an assassin, and actually extracted a hit on the wife of the film’s main villain, the Russian mob boss the White Death.

The reveal of the film is that the White Death actually orchestrated all these assassins to be on the train at the same time, in order to have them all kill each other. This is his way of exacting revenge, as it turns out that each of them had a hand in his wife’s death – including Carver.

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However, when the White Death confronts Ladybug to kill him at the end of the film, Ladybug explains how he isn’t Carver, he is merely filling in for him. This is news that the villain obviously doesn’t take well, but we won’t talk any further about that.

But who is Carver? Well, as you may have already guessed, it’s Ryan Reynolds.

ryan reynolds as deadpoolMarvel/20th Century Fox
Reynolds has already played a hitman before in Deadpool.

While Carver is mentioned a few times throughout the film, we don’t see him until the very end. It’s a tiny clip, which is a flashback of the White Death’s wife assassination, but the moment is enough to pack a punch.

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In the flames of the car wreckage that Carver orchestrates, we see the assassin pull of a bike helmet in slow motion, which is the first time we see Reynolds’ face. He looks seriously into the camera, and the moment manages to be seriously funny. It’s a great twist reveal for the final act of the film.

Bullet Train is currently playing in cinemas.