Thor: Love and Thunder upgraded some of the questionable VFX before streaming release

Thor: Love and Thunder VFXYouTube: Marvel Entertainment

Before it hit Disney Plus, it appears that Marvel put some extra elbow grease into Thor: Love and Thunder’s VFX.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been faltering quite a bit in Phase Four, and one major, oft-repeated reason is the quality of the visual effects.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law may be the most recent and most prominent example of Marvel’s lacking visual effects, but the most recent movie in the franchise also was subject to this same criticism.

Thor: Love and Thunder, was a step back in many fans’ eyes in more ways than just the VFX. However, it seems Marvel has taken the effort to improve some of these lacking qualities.

Marvel upgrades Thor: Love and Thunder VFX

According to Twitter user comicxbook, the change is noticeable in one particular scene with Heimdall’s son, in which he projects himself to Thor, Valkyrie, and Jane to tell them where Gorr has taken the children of Asgard.

In the original theatrical release, the projection is quite blurry and out of focus. However, the new version on Disney Plus is much clearer, with Axl’s facial features in much sharper focus.

Even though the new visual effects are an improvement compared to the version fans saw in theaters, some are still unimpressed by the quality of the effects.

In fact, comicxbook even said in a reply that the new effects look “terrible in motion” along with a video showing that there are still some issues when the camera moves towards Axl.

Although director Taika Waititi and actress Tessa Thompson previously laughed off criticisms of Thor: Love and Thunder’s VFX, the fact that they are still lacking even after a facelift is concerning.