The Strays full cast: All actors & characters in the Netflix movie

Ashley Madekwe in The Strays castNetflix

Here’s your guide to the full cast and characters of The Strays, the new life-invasion psychological thriller on Netflix.

What if you wanted “more” from life? What if you didn’t want your children? What if you just stuck a note to the fridge, ran away, and started a whole new life in the idyllic English countryside?

This is the core idea of The Strays, a new thriller from Nathaniel Martello-White that follows Neve, a wife and mother desperately trying to protect her quiet, middle-class life from two shadowy figures from her past.

With the movie soon to drop on Netflix, here’s the full cast of The Strays and the characters they portray.

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The Strays cast: All actors and characters

The official synopsis reads: “Deputy head of a private school Neve lives with her husband Ian, and teenage children, Sebastian and Mary in a nice house in an idyllic country town.

“But her carefully crafted upper-middle-class life begins to unravel with the arrival of two shadowy figures from her past, Abigail and Marvin.”

Neve: Ashley Madekwe

A still of Ashley Madekwe from The StraysNetflix

Ashley Madekwe plays Neve, Ian’s wife and the mother of Sebastian and Mary. She’s the deputy head at Castle Combe Private School and likes being seen as an upstanding, wealthy member of the community.

Madekwe is best known for her roles in Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Revenge, Salem, County Lines, and The Umbrella Academy.

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Ian: Justin Salinger

Justin Salinger as Ian in The StraysThe Strays. Ashley Madekwe as Neve and Justin Salinger in The Strays. Cr. Chris Harris/Netflix © 2023

Justin Salinger plays Ian, Neve’s husband the father of Sebastian and Mary. He works at Brotherly Cover Insurance in Castle Coombe.

You may recognize Salinger from his roles in the Hanna TV series, Crowhurst, The Mill, Being Human, and Enduring Love.

Sebastian: Samuel Small

Samuel Small as SebastianNetflix
The Strays. Samuel Small as Sebastian. Cr. Chris Harris/Netflix © 2023

Samuel Small plays Sebastian, Neve and Ian’s eldest child. He’s a normal teenager: he plays basketball and video games, but he struggles with a bully at school.

Small previously starred in Game of Thrones as Little Bird, as well as appearing in So Awkward and The Nest.

Mary: Maria Almeida

Maria Almeida as MaryNetflix

Maria Almeida plays Maria, Neve and Ian’s daughter. She spends most of her time glued to her phone, watching countless videos on TikTok and following new trends.

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Almeida only has one prior credit: Pretty Red Dress, in which she played Cicely. She’ll also star in Fifteen-Love later this year.

Abigail: Bukky Bakray

Bukky Bakray as Abigail in The StraysNetflix
The Strays. Bukky Bakray as Dione in The Strays. Cr. Chris Harris/Netflix © 2023

Bukky Bakray plays Abigail, Marvin’s sister and one-half of the duo who torment and stalk Neve throughout The Strays.

Bakray is a BAFTA-winning actress, taking home the Rising Star award in 2021 following her performance in Rocks, for which she was also nominated for Best Leading Actress.

Marvin: Jorden Myrie

Jorden Myrie as MarvinNetflix

Jorden Myrie plays Marvin, Abigail’s brother. In the movie, we see him befriending Sebastian as the school’s janitor, which is only the beginning of his plans for Neve’s family.

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Myrie is best known for starring as Stuart Lawrence in Screw, but he’s also appeared in Mood, and Dancing in the Dark.

The Strays will be available to stream on February 22. You can check out our review here.