The Simpsons Death Note parody drops first disturbing clip

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The Simpsons sometimes like to play with animation styles, and now this includes a parody of the popular anime Death Note.

The Simpsons likes to parody many a horror genre during their Halloween episodes, and now hit gothic anime Death Note will fall victim to this.

During this year’s Treehouse of Horror, one of the stories told during the anthology episode will be a parody of Death Note, which features Lisa as Light Yagami, and Bart as Ryuk.

Now, clips and images of the episode have leaked onto the internet, and Twitter has a lot of things to say about it.

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The Simpsons become characters in the anime Death Note

Stills of the Death Note parody have been released onto Twitter, with the DiscussingFilm account showcasing each of the main characters in their anime form.

It certainly is odd to see the Simpsons in anime style – which is done by DR Movie, the same company that worked on Death Note – especially without their yellow skin color. Though Bart as Ryuk is of course the most disturbing out of all of them, and it’s both exiting and terrifying to think how the episode will get across the events of the anime.

Though it’s not actually that hard to imagine, since a clip has also been released on Twitter of the episode.

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The clip features Lisa walking through what we can presume is Springfield – though it looks a lot more like a city – lamenting how humanity deserves to go extinct. Then the titular Death Note – here called the “Death Tome” – falls from the sky, stating that “Any person whose name is written in this Death Tome will meet their death…and be dead.”

Ultimately it seems like the plot of the episode will follow the anime rather closely, though with added Simpson’s humor of course, shown by the poster of the episode itself.

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Twitter reacts to Simpsons Death Note parody

Seeing the Simpsons in such a different style will no doubt be jarring to some, especially those who don’t watch anime. Hell, even people who watch anime like to make fun of anime.

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So naturally, many Twitter users have jokes to say about the released clips and stills, which includes acting like the episode can’t be real, and one particular user stating, “Why does anime always ruin everything”.

The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror XXXIII will air on October 30.