Is The Recruit Season 2 happening on Netflix?

Noah Centineo in The RecruitNetflix

Is The Recruit Season 2 happening? The CIA thriller starring Noah Centineo rocketed to popularity on Netflix – but will there be a second season?

The Recruit, created by Alex Hawley, debuted on the streaming platform in December last year, and over the course of its first weekend, it managed to fly up the chart and take the top spot, sitting comfortably for weeks afterwards.

Centineo, who also appeared in Black Adam as Atom Smasher, plays a “a fledgling lawyer at the CIA who becomes enmeshed in dangerous international power politics when a former asset threatens to expose the nature of her long-term relationship with the agency unless they exonerate her of a serious crime.”

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After viewers binged the series, and with the popularity of The Night Agent, they’re surely asking: will The Recruit Season 2 happen on Netflix?

Will there be a The Recruit Season 2?

The Recruit Season 2 has been confirmed by Netflix.

The series was renewed for a second season in January. “I know I speak for our entire cast and executive team at eOne and Netflix when I say that we’re thrilled to be returning to The Recruit for a second season,” Centineo told Tudum. “I’m looking forward to seeing what [showrunner] Alexi Hawley has in store for us all.”

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Hawley also said: “I’m thrilled to dive back into the fun, funny, action-packed world of The Recruit.

“Seeing how invested our audience became in the show’s adventurous take on the spy world has been incredibly rewarding, and I can’t wait to turn it all up to 11 in Season 2.”

While Netflix has come under fire for its other cancelations, including Warrior Nun, The Recruit was always poised for renewal after its immediate success on the platform.

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Speaking about how we’ll see Owen come to terms with the first season, Hawley also told TV Guide: “If he picked up a gun and was suddenly Jason Bourne in Episode 2, that would be a different show.

“It’s hard for him to pull that trigger and the repercussions of what happens when he does has impact in a way that I think is really human, for him to have to deal with that moment. That would carry on, in theory, in a Season 2 as well.”

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