The Owl House Season 3 Episode 2: Will Eda’s magic return?

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Eda and her sister Lilith both struggle with a curse in The Owl House, blocking their use of magic. While Eda has embraced the curse and her Harpy form, many still wonder if The Owl Lady will successfully use magic again.

The Owl House has many character arcs woven together throughout the three seasons currently available to watch. One of the first that viewers are introduced to is Eda Clawthorne’s curse. In the first season, Eda struggles to hide the curse, using potions to prevent transformation into a demonic owl.

However, in Season 2, fans learn a bit more about how Eda got the curse after it permanently corrupts her natural magic. Using a magical scroll, Eda’s older sister Lilith inflicted her with the curse thinking it was a temporary spell. Unfortunately, it turned out the scroll contained the soul and magic of something called “The Owl Beast”, which left Eda permanently impacted.

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Coming to an understanding with each other in The Owl House episode “Knock, Knock, Knocking on Hooty’s Door”, Eda gains the ability to seamlessly fuse with The Owl Beast, obtaining her Harpy form. However, this does not fix her innate magic, which ends up being part of how Luz and her team lose against Belos during the Season 2 finale.

Eda Raine The Owl House Season 2Disney Channel
Eda’s curse came between her relationship with Raine Whispers

The Owl House could finally explain The Owl Beast

Throughout the end of Season 2, Eda repeatedly explains that she has accepted her life without magic. She explains to Raine Whispers before The Day of Unity that the curse isn’t going anywhere, and she isn’t looking for a way out anymore.

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However, there is still a possibility that Eda and The Owl Beast will finally be separated thanks to upcoming events that will conclude the series. At the end of The Owl House Season 3 Episode 1, it was revealed that Belos survived the battle of Season 2. He returns to the Boiling Isles using Titan’s Blood found in the human realm. Additionally, The Collector was left to run rampant at the end of Season 2, and viewers saw a brief glimpse of their power after moving the moon out from in front of the sun with just a flick of their finger.

It is possible that in battles against either Belos or The Collector, Eda and The Owl Beast will be pulled apart. It is also possible that in those fights, Eda will discover a way to override the curse and access her magic. Her abilities could be the key to winning, as she was revealed to be an unusually powerful witch at the end of Season 1.

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Unfortunately, The Owl House fans will have to wait and see what comes to pass in the second and third episodes of Season 3 in order to find out. Season 3 Episode 2 will air on January 21, 2023, for those excited to tune in.