The Owl House fans stunned by horrifying Belos animation reveals

The Owl House Emporer BelosDisney Channel

The Owl House Character Designer Matthieu Cousin has revealed parts of the animation process for creating Belos in Season 3 Episode 2, and fans are both horrified and amazed.

Few villains give the chills like Emperor Belos of The Owl House. The misled human has spent centuries attempting to scrub both the Human Realm and the Boiling Isles of all witches, believing that genocide is the only way to ensure he has accomplished his goals.

In the process of creating a plan to rid the world of witches, Belos had to accept the use of certain types of magic. As learned in Season 2 of The Owl House, he consumes Palisman to stay alive, effectively corrupting his soul and distorting his body.

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The Owl House fans got their first glimpse of monster Belos in the Season 2 epsiode “Hollow Mind”, as Hunter and Luz attempted to escape Belos’ memories. They learned that his true form is a towering, decomposed monster covered in the eyes of the Palisman he has eaten. This form of Belos is seen again at the end of Episode 2 and throughout Season 3.

The Owl House Character Designer shares Belos poses

In a Twitter post by InsideMatthieu, The Owl House Character Designer shares a series of images featuring poses of monster Belos. The post reads, “Some gooey Belos poses from “For the Future””.

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The designs offer fans a glimpse at what is required to make Belos so terrifying, as well as sharing some of The Owl House’s design processes. Fans in the comments are equally horrified and amazed by the images, with one stating “oh my god who boarded the Belos in the first image that’s horrifying it’s so good” and another adding, “He looked so repulsive and scary I love it so much. Excellent work!!”

Now that Belos is again attempting to manipulate The Collector to complete his original goals, it will be interesting to see what other forms he may take as The Owl House comes to a conclusion in Season 3 Episode 3 later this year.

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