The Office releases new Michael Scott deleted scene from Season 5

Philip Trahan
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The official YouTube channel for The Office dropped a hilarious deleted scene from Season 5, which shows Michael Scott venting his frustrations over an unfulfilled childhood Christmas dream.

The US adaptation of The Office is perhaps one of the most beloved modern TV shows today, thanks in no small part to its British counterpart that laid the groundwork for its success.

Now, The Office has become somewhat of a cultural touchstone, with shows like Disney+’s WandaVision paying homage to the famous sitcom.

Keeping the series alive in the minds of fans, the official YouTube channel for The Office released a never-before-seen clip from the Season 5 episode “The Surplus.”

The Office releases deleted scene from Season 5

Micahel Scott proves he’s once again the world’s (not-so) best boss after trying to keep Dunder Mifflin’s $4,300 surplus bonus for himself.

The clip in question shows Michael Scott up to his usual antics, trying to talk his way out of a mess he’s concocted over the course of the episode.

Those who remember “The Surplus,” being episode 10 of Season 5, will know the office staff is torn apart over what to buy with Dunder Mifflin’s $4,300 surplus.

After learning he can simply turn in the surplus for a bonus equal to 15% of the money, he tries to talk the staff into thinking they don’t need anything new for the office.

The clip shows Michael going on a long diatribe over how he never got a Pippi Longstocking doll for Christmas when he was a 12-year-old boy.

“His evil stepfather Jeff said ‘No! You may not have what you want. You must have a football.’ And the boy cried, and he cried, and he cried, and he held his breath as long as he could, and he wouldn’t eat his dinner…”

Michael then goes on to declare his stepfather Jeff was right, and that since he already had a G.I. Joe, a Stretch Armstrong, a Malibu Barbie, and a Major Matt Mason (which he concedes is “technically enough for a tea party”).

The clip continues on as Michael hilariously tries to show his employees that they don’t need to spend the surplus money on anything until Oscar finally catches wind of his real intentions and corners him.

The Office YouTube channel occasionally posts other never-before-seen clips that are usually just as amusing as this gem from Season 5, so fans of the series should definitely keep their eyes peeled for any more moments shared in the future.