The Marvelous Mrs Maisel cast: All the actors & characters in Season 5

Rachel Brosnahan as Miriam "Midge" Maisel in The Marvelous Mrs MaiselAmazon Studios

Here’s your guide to the full cast and characters in Season 5 of Amazon Prime Video’s hit comedy show The Marvelous Mrs Maisel. 

Witty, funny, touching, and original, it’s no surprise that The Marvelous Mrs Maisel has enjoyed both critical acclaim and a strong viewership, with ratings continuing to climb with the arrival of each new run. But the latest return of everyone’s favorite stand-up comedian Midge marks a bittersweet moment – the show is bowing out for good, with the fifth season marking its last. 

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Season 4 ended with Midge sticking to her guns in wanting to carve a career in comedy on her own terms, much to the dismay of business-minded stand-up Lenny Bruce, who she also had a brief fling with after years of tension. 

The pair are back for the final bout, as are a number of other fan-faves we’ve grown to love. We’ve broken down all of the major roles in the cast of The Marvelous Mrs Maisel Season 5, including the actors and the characters they play.

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The Marvelous Mrs Maisel Season 5 cast: All actors and characters

Before we get into the cast list and the characters they play, check out the official synopsis for Season 5: 

“After an epiphany in front of The Gordon Ford Show‘s snowy billboard, Midge is ready to ‘Go forward’ and fight for her ascent to stardom – equipped with her quick wit and sharp tongue, and nothing else to lose. In the fifth and final season, Midge finds herself closer than ever to the success she’s dreamed of, only to discover that closer than ever is still so far away.”

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Miriam “Midge” Maisel: Rachel Brosnahan

Rachel Brosnahan as Miriam "Midge" MaiselAmazon Studios

It wouldn’t be The Marvelous Mrs Maisel without the leading lady herself, with Rachel Brosnahan returning as our sharp-tongued Miriam “Midge” Maisel.  

Ever since dropping back in 2017, we’ve seen the titular character go on quite the journey, having started out as a 1950s housewife whose main goal was to get her wannabe husband a better spot at The Gaslight (by bribing the owner with a brisket, no less). 

After an unexpected jilting, Midge realizes she has a knack for comedy herself, although it’s not been the smoothest ride to stardom as she’s battled sexism and censorship along the way. Will Season 5 finally see her dreams come into fruition? Tune in to find out. 

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While The Marvelous Mrs Maisel is Brosnahan’s breakout role, she’s also starred in a number of other TV shows and movies, including House of Cards, The Courier, and I’m Your Woman. 

Susie Myerson: Alex Borstein

Alex Borstein as Susie Myerson in The Marvelous Mrs MaiselAmazon Studios

Alex Borstein is back as Susie Myerson, Midge’s loyal, no-nonsense manager who she met at The Gaslight club. Midge wouldn’t be where she is today if Susie hadn’t taken a chance on the unexpected comedian, but in the third season we saw the character struggling with her gambling addiction, and making bad decisions with her client’s money. 

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In Season 4, Susie started to take herself more seriously as a manager, although there are some big questions about her criminal companions. 

Though Borstein is an absolute favorite on the show, you may also recognize her voice, as she portrays Lois Griffin on the animated comedy series Family Guy.

Joel Maisel: Michael Zegen

Michael Zegen as Joel Maisel in The Marvelous Mrs MaiselAmazon Studios

Michael Zegen is back as Joel Maisel, Midge’s on-again, off-again husband who inadvertently kickstarted Midge’s stand-up career. Though he wanted to be a comedian himself, Joel just didn’t have the talent for it – Midge even found out his only successful bit was one he’d robbed from Bob Newhart.

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When his career didn’t go to plan, he left his supportive (and quick-witted) wife for a secretary named Penny Pann, leading Midge to go on a drunken rant that would kick start her journey to stardom. But the character has since redeemed himself over the years, going on to use his business sense to launch a successful nightclub while offering support to his ex-wife and her comedic capabilities. 

Zegen appeared alongside Greta Gerwig in the offbeat comedy Frances Ha, as well as shows such as The Walking Dead, Boardwalk Empire, and Girls. 

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Lenny Bruce: Luke Kirby

Luke Kirby as Lenny Bruce in The Marvelous Mrs MaiselAmazon Studios

Luke Kirby is back as Lenny Bruce, the only real-life character portrayed in The Marvelous Mrs Maisel. In earlier episodes, Lenny – an established stand-up comedian – helped to inspire Midge in her fledgling career.

Season 4 ends with a tense exchange between the pair as Lenny vents his frustrations at Midge for turning down a gig with Tony Bennett – she wants to headline her own shows, he wants her to make smart business decisions.

The real-life Lenny Bruce, who was known for his critical style of comedy, tragically died of a drug overdose in 1966 at age 40, something that was hinted at in Season 4 of the show when Midge found a vial and syringe in his hotel room after they hooked up.

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Kirby has appeared in Gossip Girl, Panhandle, The Deuce, and the reboot of The Twilight Zone. 

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Rose Weissman: Marin Hinkle

Marin Hinkle as Rose Weissman in The Marvelous Mrs MaiselAmazon Studios

Marin Hinkle plays Rose Weissman, Midge’s mom who tries her best to keep up appearances and struggles to find a balance in her household. 

The character surprised us in more ways than one, with early episodes showing her seeking a fortune teller in order to get some insight into her daughter’s future before fleeing to Paris after growing tired of her emotionally unavailable husband. Throughout the seasons she’s found her footing somewhat, and is now set to continue her fun-to-watch venture in the matchmaking business. 

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Hinkle is best known for her roles in the shows Once and Again and Two and a Half Men, as well as her turn in the rebooted Jumanji franchise. 

Abraham “Abe” Weissman: Tony Shalhoub

Tony Shalhoub as Abraham "Abe" Weissman in The Marvelous Mrs MaiselAmazon Studios

Tony Shalhoub plays Abraham “Abe” Weissman, Rose’s husband and Midge’s dad who struggles to maintain his traditional patriarchal role within his family when he’s surrounded by so many progressive, forward-thinking women. 

Similarly to the other characters, Abe has made a serious career change of late, having left his job as an Ivy League mathematics professor and researcher to work as a critic for The Village Voice newspaper. 

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Shalhoub has given his voice to a number of animated properties over the years, including Rumble, Elena of Avalor, Tales from Radiator Springs, and the Cars film series. 

Moishe Maisel: Kevin Pollak

Kevin Pollak as Moishe Maisel in The Marvelous Mrs MaiselAmazon Studios

Kevin Pollak is back as Moishe Maisel, Joel’s dad and Midge’s former father-in-law.

As an owner of a company, Moishe helps his son to land a solid position in the firm, only for Joel to drop everything and leave his wife and their two kids stranded. In recent episodes, Moishe suffers with health struggles, although it turns out he’s definitely not dying.

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Pollak is a prolific actor, having starred in a number of major big screen titles including The Usual Suspects and A Few Good Men.

Shirley Maisel: Caroline Aaron

Caroline Aaron as Shirley Maisel in The Marvelous Mrs MaiselAmazon Studios

Caroline Aaron plays Shirley Maisel, Joel’s mom and Midge’s former mother-in-law.

Though she’s certainly an overbearing parental figure, she’s got her wits about her when it comes to handling cash – anyone else remember her Maisel money “treasure maps?”

You may recognise Aaron from her appearance in Edward Scissorhands, Ghosts, and 21 Jump Street. 

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Gordon Ford: Reid Scott

Reid Scott as Gordon Ford in The Marvelous Mrs MaiselAmazon Studios

Reid Scott returns to the role of Gordon Ford, the host of the fictional late night talk show set in The Marvelous Mrs Maisel world. 

Scott has a number of acting accolades, including TV series My Boys and Veep, as well as movies such as Venom and Late Night.

Dinah Rutledge: Alfie Fuller

Alfie Fuller as Dinah Rutledge in The Marvelous Mrs MaiselAmazon Studios

Alfie Fuller is back as Dinah Rutledge, Susie’s reliable receptionist who was first introduced in Season 4 of the show.

Prior to her recurring role in The Marvelous Mrs Maisel, Alfie Fuller made a name for herself in theater, having performed in Yellow Card Red Card, Glass, Antony & Cleopatra, and As You Like It.

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Mike Carr: Jason Ralph

Jason Ralph as Mike Carr in The Marvelous Mrs MaiselAmazon Studios

Jason Ralph portrays Mike Carr, a producer and booker for The Gordon Ford Show and another character introduced in Season 4.

Ralph has appeared in the movies I’m Thinking of Ending Things and A Most Violent Year, and TV shows Manhattan and The Magicians.

That’s everything we know about The Marvelous Mrs Maisel Season 5 cast. To read about where to watch the new episodes, head here, and you can check out our other TV hubs below:

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