The Mandalorian: What did Grogu see in hyperspace? Purrgil explained

Grogu, aka Baby Yoda, looking at purrgil in The Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 1Disney+

What did Grogu see in hyperspace in The Mandalorian? The first episode of Season 3 is finally here, and you may be wondering: what are purrgil?

In our review, we called Episode 1 “a cosy reminder of why we fell in love with the show: sleek production values, nippy storytelling, and – of course – Grogu at his cutest.”

It opens with Din and Grogu saving a group of Mandalorians from being eaten by a massive crocodile on Concordia. Din then catches up with The Armorer, and informs her of his plans to travel to Mandalore so he can be “forgiven for his transgressions”, aka removing his helmet.

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As the father-son duo set off to their next stop, they travel through hyperspace, where Grogu catches sight of some rather strange creatures swimming through the whooshing vortex – what did he see?

What did Grogu see in hyperspace?

Grogu saw purrgil, a semi-sentient species of whales only found in deep space.

As Din catches some shut-eye, Grogu sees the silhouettes of the creatures traveling alongside them through hyperspace. They look more like squids than whales, with long tentacles at the back. It’s the episode’s best moment; quietly wondrous, but Grogu ends up scaring himself and crawls into Din’s arms.

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Purrgil in The Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 1Disney+

As per Star Wars’ official website, they’re “massive, whale-like creatures” who live “not on land or sea, but in space, and were the stuff of legend for the galaxy’s smugglers and pilots.”

“They were often a bluish purple color and moved gracefully thanks to four large hind tentacles, along with two side fins and a dorsal fin,” the website adds.

“Purrgil required a specific green gas in order to breathe, which allowed them to travel great distances through space. While very few have seen it, purrgil had the ability to travel through hyperspace.”

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They first appeared in Star Wars: Rebels, when Ezra Bridger deployed the purrgil in a fight against Grand Admiral Thrawn. The creatures wrapped their tentacles around his ship and jumped into hyperspace.

The Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 1 is streaming now on Disney+. You can sign up here. You can also check out our other coverage of the show here.

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