The Last of Us: Who plays Sarah in the HBO show?

Nico Parker, Sarah and Joel in The Last of Us HBO show and gameHBO/Sony

Who plays Sarah in The Last of Us HBO show? The long-awaited adaptation is nearly here, but who portrays Joel’s daughter in the TV show?

The Last of Us, one of the most acclaimed titles of the 2010s and a generation-defining game, is being given the prestige, big-budget television treatment on HBO.

Developed by the game’s creator and Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckmann, alongside Chernobyl maestro Craig Mazin, it’s one of the most anticipated TV events of 2023, bringing the “best video game story ever told” to the screen.

The original game follows Joel and Ellie on a life-or-death, cross-country trip across an America ravaged by a brutal virus – so, who plays Joel’s daughter Sarah in The Last of Us HBO show?

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Who plays Sarah in The Last of Us?

Nico Parker plays Sarah in The Last of Us show on HBO.

Parker made her acting debut in 2019’s Dumbo, later starring in Reminiscence and The Third Day.

Sarah was earlier voiced by Hana Hayes in the original 2013 game. We will not be spoiling what happens in the game (or what we expect to see in the show), so you’ll have to wait – unless you know, of course.

We can say this: The Last of Us Season 1 will cover the events of the first game.

“As far as the superficial things, like should a character wear the same plaid shirt or the same red shirt? They might or might not appear in it; that’s way less important to us than getting the core of who these people are and the core of their journey,” Neil Druckmann told IGN.

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“Things sometimes stay pretty close. It’s funny to see my dialogue there from the games in HBO scripts. And sometimes they deviate greatly to much better effect because we are dealing with a different medium.”

The Last of Us will premiere on HBO on January 15. You can find out more about the show here, and check out the rest of our coverage here.