The Last of Us TV series gets first footage reveal in new HBO Max showcase

Pedro Pascal as Joel in The Last of Us HBO Max seriesHBO

The Last of Us fans have been eagerly awaiting a sneak peek at the upcoming show and HBO has finally delivered the first look at footage of the highly-anticipated adaptation.

The HBO adaptation was first announced back in March 2020, and while there have been updates on the show’s casting along the way, along with a handful of pictures, this is the first set of footage from the legendary game’s upcoming series.

It comes by way of an HBO Max sizzle reel that showcases all of the service’s upcoming releases, and it takes closing honors in the stacked line-up.

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There’s still a lot that remains to be seen but the early look does highlight many of the biggest pieces of the Clicker-infested puzzle.

HBO Max reveals first look at The Last of Us series

The teaser isn’t very long but it does show off a good look at Pedro Pascal’s Joel, Bella Ramsey’s Ellie, and even a small glimpse of Nick Offerman’s Bill.

The brief look also squeezes in a look at the Cordyceps fungus that is responsible for the rise of the Infected in the game.

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The dialogue teases the tense nature of the relationship between Joel and Ellie, a recurring theme that plays a major role in the events of both games in the series. One scene in particular is even a word-for-word repeat of its in-game counterpart.

While there are moments of softness to be found across the franchise, the frenetic cuts match up well with the anxiety-filled nature of the survival shooter.

There are still a handful of major characters yet to be seen, like Agents of Shield and Terminator Dark Fate actor Gabriel Luna’s Tommy, but this small taste will have to hold the masses over until the show nails down a release date in 2023.

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