The Last of Us Season 2 gets exciting update from Bella Ramsey

Joel and Ellie sit side by side in The Last of the UsHBO Max

Fans have been eagerly awaiting any news about The Last of Us Season 2 and now it’s been delivered by Bella Ramsey.

It’s only been three months since the finale of The Last of Us aired on Max, but fans have been clamoring for a second season long before that.

Since the successful launch of the show’s video game predecessor in 2013, fans have wondered what a televised version of the show could be. And, after the massive success Max saw with The Last of Us Season 1, a Season 2 was guaranteed to follow it.

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However, with the ongoing writer’s strike, no one knew when The Last of Us would get back to shooting, least of all the cast and crew, But, thankfully, we now have some news thanks to one of the show’s stars.

Bella Ramsey confirms Season 2 is filming

During an interview with Vanity Fair, Ramsey, who co-stars on the show as Ellie, the sassy yet naive teen bent on saving humanity, confirmed that the show was currently in production for Season 2.

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Ramsey described the second season of The Last of Us stating, “It’s darker. It’s really a story about revenge, and a continuation from the first season about the dangers of unconditional love.”

Joel and Ellie in The Last of Us Episode 8HBO

Without giving away too many spoilers, fans of the game will know what Ramsey is talking about as The Last of Us Part II relies heavily on the themes of revenge. It’s a hard game to play if you love the characters you follow along in the first game, but it leaves most fans satisfied at the end because it gives real consequences to the characters’ actions.

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The relationship between Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ramsey’s Ellie was at the forefront of Season 1 and it ended on a bit of a cliffhanger as Joel lied to Ellie about what happened in the hospital in Seattle.

Only time will tell if Season 2 will follow the events of the second game exactly or throw fans a major curve ball.

The Last of Us Season 1 is currently stream on Max. You can check out the rest our TV coverage on the hubs below:

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