The Flash: How does Barry Allen’s mom die?

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The Flash hit UK cinemas today, meaning we’re one step closer to finding out exactly how Barry Allen’s mom died.

Barry Allen – aka The Flash – has appeared in multiple movies across DC’s Extended Universe, making his debut in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, popping up in Suicide Squad, and playing a more prominent role in Justice League.

The character takes center stage in his own standalone movie this week – The Flash – where we learn more about Barry Allen’s backstory.

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But one mystery that has remained throughout is, how did mom Nora Allen die.

The Flash: How does Barry Allen’s mom die?

Barry Allen’s mom Nora Allen was murdered. The DCEU has thus far alluded to the crime without actually showing or fully explaining it.

Pre-The Flash, the first we learn of her fate is through a conversation between Alfred Pennyworth and Bruce Wayne in Justice League. “He does visit his father” Alfred says of Barry. “In prison for murdering his mother. Young Barry always protested his father’s innocence, but he was nine and nobody believed him.”

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Barry’s father Henry is found guilty of the murder, and sent to Iron Heights Penitentiary. While Barry himself works his way towards a Criminal Justice degree in the hope that he might one day solve the crime, find his mother’s real murderer, and clear his father’s name.

Though dad has doubts about his efforts during Justice League. When Barry visits that prison to explain what he’s doing, Henry says: “I want you to give all that up. And I want you to stop coming to see me. I am a drag on your life… I want you to make your own future – you’re living in the past – make your own future.”

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We’re going into details now, so BEWARE OF MOVIE SPOILERS AHEAD

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What happens to Nora Allen in The Flash?

Nora Allen is killed in her own kitchen, bleeding out having been stabbed in the stomach by her mystery assailant.

We don’t see the actual crime. But we do see the before, with Nora’s husband Henry going out to pick up a can of tomatoes, and Nora’s young son Barry busy doing his homework in his room.

We also see the aftermath. The pair of them then hear her blood-curdling scream. Henry from outside the house. Barry from upstairs. Henry makes it down to find dad cradling mum on the floor, the knife wedged in her stomach. Henry orders Barry to call 911, but in shock and fear, the nine-year-old runs away.

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We never see the killer, which is why Henry is found guilty of Nora’s murder. Which is the inciting incident that sets the plot of The Flash in motion…

This article was updated with spoilers on June 14, 2023.

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