The Diplomat Season 2: Everything we know

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Here’s everything we know about Netflix‘s The Diplomat Season 2 so far, including renewal and release date updates, and more.

The Diplomat is a new political thriller series on Netflix from showrunner Debora Cahn, a writer-producer known for her work on The West Wing and Homeland.

The show stars Keri Russell as the new US Ambassador to the United Kingdom, “a high-profile job she’s unsuited for, with tectonic implications for her marriage and her political future.”

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The series is sitting on the top 10 chart on Netflix, so here’s what we know about The Diplomat Season 2.

Is The Diplomat Season 2 happening on Netflix?

Yes, The Diplomat Season 2 has just been confirmed by Netflix.

The show hit the streaming platform on April 20, so much like The Night Agent, it’s been a quick renewal amid its instant popularity and position on the top 10 chart.

“We had such a great time making The Diplomat. And it’s a thrill to see how much people are enjoying it. We’re so glad we get to do it again,” Cahn said.

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“I am thrilled to be headed back for another round of this smart screwball show. Dare I say it’s fun?” Russell added.

It’s great news for The Diplomat, but it’s not quite a simple with other shows. Take Ginny and Georgia, which was described as a “phenomenal US hit” by Netflix’s CEOs – and yet, it’s been months since Season 2 and we’ve had no news on the next chapter.

Then you have shows like Warrior Nun and 1899, both of which built passionate fanbases and managed to climb the top 10 chart (never to the top, but always on there), and they were both canceled earlier this year.

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Has The Diplomat Season 2 release date been announced?

No, there’s no release date for The Diplomat Season 2 right now. It likely won’t be released until late 2023, if not 2024.

In a statement, Netflix’s Vice President of Drama Series Jinny Howe said: “Fans around the world are loving every minute of The Diplomat’s gripping and propulsive drama, and embracing Keri Russell’s powerful performance as Kate Wyler.

“After that jaw-dropping cliffhanger, we can’t wait for them to see what the amazing visionary team of Debora Cahn, Janice Williams and Keri Russell have in store for Season 2.”

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Is there a trailer for The Diplomat Season 2?

There isn’t a trailer, but there’s a Season 2 announcement video for The Diplomat, which you can watch below:

The Diplomat Season 2 cast: Who’d be in it?

There are a few people we’d expect to return in The Diplomat Season 2 cast, including:

  • Keri Russell as Kate Wyler
  • Rufus Sewell as Hal Wyler
  • Ali Ahn as Eidra Graham
  • David Gyasi as Austin Dennison
  • Ato Essandoh as Stuart Heyford
  • Rory Kinnear as Nicol Trowbridge
  • Miguel Sandoval as Miguel Ganon
  • Nana Mensah as Billie Appiah
  • Michael McKean as US President Rayburn

Talking more about her plans for Season 2, Cahn said: “I wanted it to make people want more. I wanted to bring together all of the different dynamics of the political relationships and the personal relationships in one event that splits apart all at the same time.”

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Sewell added: “All I know is that if you resolve it one way or another too quickly, we’re screwed. I like to think there are enough problems to last us [a few seasons].” 

The Diplomat Season 2 plot: What would it be about?

While there aren’t any official plot details for The Diplomat Season 2, we could see Kate traveling to more locations around the world.

“I don’t know that we would ever run out of stories in London. But if we did, there are other countries. I’m okay going to Paris for a couple of years. I’ll be alright with that,” Cahn said.

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Speaking to Tudum, Gyasi addressed whether we could see Austin and Kate’s relationship develop even further. “I’m just excited to see what that relationship [becomes],” he said.

“They’re so opposite to one another, and yet, when you scratch the surface, [you see] what drives them [and they’re] probably more connected to one another than a lot of other characters.”

Sewell thinks there are “enough problems” for the show to go on for multiple seasons. “All I know is that if you resolve it one way or another too quickly, we’re screwed… who knows? I would like someone with a better imagination than mine to take over on that rather than follow my dumb suggestion,” he added.

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That’s everything we know about The Diplomat Season 2 right now. The first season is streaming on Netflix now, and you can find out more about The Diplomat here and check out our other Netflix hubs below:

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