The Boys Season 3 finale trailer teases Homelander and Butcher brawl

Butcher and Homelander facing off in The Boys Season 3 finaleAmazon Studios

A teaser trailer has dropped for The Boys Season 3 finale, teasing a climactic brawl between Homelander and Butcher. 

The third season of Amazon’s hard-edged, blood-soaked comic book show has been its best yet. Nothing else is operating on the same scale; find me another series that has supes exploding out of penises, massive orgies, and a villain as relentlessly scary as Homelander.

Last week, the penultimate episode saw Soldier Boy, Butcher, and Hughie tracking down a former Payback in the aftermath of Herogasm, where the unlikely trio faced off with Homelander. They may have won, but Vought’s poster boy narrowly escaped and left to lick his wounds, haunted by newfound fear.

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It ended with an almighty twist: Soldier Boy revealed to Homelander that he’s his father. Will they team up and work together against Butcher, or will Soldier Boy decide to put down his own offspring?

Butcher and Homelander in The Boys, but it's unclear if they'll still work together in The Boys Season 3 finaleAmazon Studios
It’s unclear if Butcher and Homelander will still work together in the finale.

Homelander and Butcher face off in The Boys Season 3 finale trailer

The show’s official Twitter account made a few promises for the finale: “Scorched earth. Shock and awe. Blood and bone.”

The teaser trailer starts with Black Noir sharpening his blade, preparing to face Soldier Boy after betraying him in Nicaragua back in the ’80s. “Sharpen it for 1,000 hours, it still won’t cut Soldier Boy’s skin,” Homelander warns him.

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We then see some brief images from Episode 9, with Annie January, Frenchie, and Kimiko gearing up for a fight. “We save everyone, even if they don’t deserve it – especially if they don’t deserve it,” Hughie says, although it’s unclear who he’s speaking to. The guess would be Butcher as he’s about to kill Soldier Boy.

It ends with a glimpse of Homelander and Butcher coming face to face, with both characters dripping blood and ready to end their conflict once and for all.

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The Boys creator on how Homelander and Soldier Boy twist will affect finale

In an interview with Variety following Episode 7, showrunner Eric Kripke didn’t go into too much detail about how Soldier Boy’s revelation will impact his pledge to kill Homelander.

He said: “The awkwardness of that realization gets played out more in Episode 8. We see that struggle that, not just Soldier Boy, but Homelander is having with that bomb-drop of information.

“Basically, Soldier Boy has some hard choices to figure out. He’s promised Butcher that he would help him and the tables are turned.”

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The Boys Season 3 finale hits Prime Video this Friday, July 8. 

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