The Boys’ Jack Quaid trolled Star Wars fans for Scream role

an image of jack quaid from the boysRebecca Cabage, Disney

The Boys star Jack Quaid has revealed a secret Reddit account he used to prepare for Scream 5, where he would troll Star Wars fans about their opinions on The Last Jedi. 

While The Boys Season 3 gets off to a chaotic start on Amazon Prime, series lead Jack Quaid has opened up about his role in this year’s fifth Scream movie. To prepare for his role as a fandom-obsessed geek Quaid used a secret Reddit account to understand just how passionate fans can be.

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One intense fandom the actor brushed paths with was the Star Wars fanbase and Quaid quickly learned how ferocious fans can become.

an image of the boys on amazon primeAmazon Prime
Jack Quaid stars in The Boys, a series about corrupt superheroes on Amazon Prime.

Jack Quaid trolls Reddit users: “The Last Jedi RUINED Star Wars!”

Twitter user @Cade_Onder brought Quaid’s Reddit antics to light, praising the actor’s commitment to his role in Scream 5: “Apparently to prepare for Scream 5, Jack Quaid made an in-character Reddit account for his character in the movie… I f**king love this LMFAO.”

Now Quaid has clarified how he “actually loved” The Last Jedi, as opposed to his Scream 5 character.

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The thread posted on The Last Jedi’s subreddit details how Quaid (in character) thought that Rian Johnson’s sequel was a disappointment. Quaid wrote to the fanbase: “I know this gets ‘too much hate’ but cmon this just isn’t what Star Wars is.”

“I didn’t watch a Star Wars movie to think about ‘grey’ areas of the force. I don’t want to ‘let the past die.’ I love the original trilogy!”

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While The Last Jedi debate still rages on to this day, Star Wars fans are currently enjoying Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney+.