The Boys: Antony Starr “doesn’t wanna see” redemption arc for Homelander

Cameron Frew
Antony Starr as Homelander covered in blood in The Boys
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Ahead of The Boys Season 3 finale, Antony Starr said he “doesn’t wanna see” any redemption arc for Homelander. 

Homelander has presided over The Boys’ run as one of TV’s most terrifying villains, from threatening to laser everyone on a plane and leaving them to die, to forcing an innocent woman to jump from a building to her death, just because he could.

Nobody would argue against Homelander having a bit of a rough upbringing; after all, he was born out of a test tube and created for the sole purpose of being Vought’s next all-American, overpowered supe leading The Seven, and has always resented never having a real family of his own.

Alas, there’s only so far we can accept daddy issues as an excuse for his behavior. Homelander has terrorized and murdered several people across The Boys, and even Starr doesn’t believe he should be redeemed by the end of the show.

Antony Starr says Homelander shouldn’t have a redemption arc in The Boys

During a recent interview with Collider ahead of tomorrow’s Season 3 finale, Starr spoke about how Homelander shouldn’t be redeemed. “I don’t think there’s a redemption story for Homelander,” he said.

“I wouldn’t really wanna see that, to be honest. I don’t think there’s any intention of doing that either.”

Homelander has grown more unhinged throughout the third season, to the point he’s no longer fazed by Maeve and Starlight’s threats to release the plane video. “I mean, sure, I’ll lose everything, but then, I’ll have nothing to lose,” he warned in one of the season’s most chilling scenes.

Antony Starr reveals his perfect “happy ending” for Homelander in The Boys

Starr has envisioned a feel-bad ending to The Boys, which would see Homelander ruling over a scorched Earth – just as the trailer teased. This would differ from the comics – we won’t spoil the details, just in case.

“I think Homelander’s happy ending would be him annihilating everyone in the world and sitting there in a bloody wasteland on his own, with no one to mess with him,” he said.

“As for his demise, I don’t know. Every time I try to pick out what might happen in the future, I’m wrong, so I’ve given up speculating. I’m just like, ‘You know what? I’ll leave that for the writers and spare myself the embarrassment of being wrong, again and again and again.'”

The Boys Season 3 finale hits Prime Video on Friday, July 8.