Ted Lasso star jokes about one character’s possible death in Season 3

Ted Lasso star gives a tease at what the final season could hold.YouTube: Entertainment Weekly

In an interview, one Ted Lasso star joked that a beloved character might meet a grisly end in Season 3.

Ted Lasso has become one of the most beloved series on television, with its incredible blend of humor, heart, and sports.

It’s not the type of show that viewers would expect to see ending with a beloved character dying.

But that didn’t stop one of the show’s actors from discussing a Season 3 death. And if they had their way, it would be quite a horrific and odd end.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ted Lasso writer and star Brett Goldstein (who plays the gruff Roy Kent) was asked about how Season 3 ends. While he declined to share how the show itself will conclude, he did reveal how he teased one of his costars.

“I told Toheeb [Jimoh] a long time ago how his character dies. [Laughs] Basically I was like, ‘You die by a helicopter.’ And he was like, ‘Oh, I’m in a helicopter crash?’ And I said, ‘No, you run into a still helicopter. It’s not even on, you just run into it. And that’s how you die.'”

Toheeb Jimoh plays the affable midfielder Sam Obisanya, who ended the second season by beginning a relationship with team owner Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham).

It would certainly be a shock to see Sam’s story end with a comical death like running into a helicopter, but with Ted Lasso ending in Season 3, who knows what the show’s end will mean for all the characters.

We’ll just have to be on the lookout for any helicopter scenes Sam is in, just in case Goldstein wasn’t lying.