Taylor Swift fans think she’s doing a movie with Greta Gerwig

Taylor Swift and Laura Dern, who was also out with Greta Gerwig, filming Bejewelled music videoX/@taylorswift13

If Taylor Swift and Greta Gerwig have one thing in common, it’s that they are both taking 2023 by storm. After bossing it separately, could they now be working together?

With Swift still wading through the Eras Tour and Gerwig riding on the coattails of Barbie’s success, 2023 has already shaped up to be an amazing year for both women.

It’s publicly known that the two of them are good friends outside of their achievements, having been spotted socializing in previous years.

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However, a recent photo of the two out for dinner with Laura Dern and Zoë Kravitz has sparked rumors that Swift and Gerwig might be making a movie together.

Is Taylor Swift making a movie with Greta Gerwig?

At the moment, there’s nothing to suggest that Swift and Gerwig are making a film together.

However, the fact that the pair have been seen with Dern and Kravitz could suggest that some creative plans are currently being drawn up. Dern has worked with both Swift and Gerwig before, appearing in the music video for Bejewelled and the 2019 adaptation of Little Women. Kravitz has also worked with Dern in Big Little Lies.

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Even so, fans are already swept up in the idea that these two fan favorites might be working together.

“And what are we supposed to do with this information?” one fan tweeted in response to the photo. “They are discussing another Oscar-winning worthy movie,” another chimed in.

“Best friend?! Or are they preparing for a movie together?” someone else hoped, while others interpreted the night out in a completely different way. “They’re dating?? Anybody tell me quickly,” one user said.

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Though the movie only wrapped up in July, some fans seem convinced that the meeting indicates a sequel to Gerwig’s Barbie.

“Taylor going to be the new Barbie????” one fan speculated, with another agreeing: “Barbie 2: The One Who Sings.”

Swift is no stranger to the big screen, even before her concert movie for the Eras Tour is set to be released. She’s already been seen in a brief cameo in the 2022 film Amsterdam, alongside an infamous appearance as Bombalurina in the recent adaptation of Cats.

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Regardless of what the night out might mean, it’s left fans pretty excited across the board.

“OH IM NEVER GONNA SHUT UP ABT THIS,” one exclaims, while another theorizes: “Taylor Swift and Greta Gerwig were spotted discussing Bottoms (2023) after watching it in theaters Monday Night get your tickets to see what they could possibly be talking about.”

Catch up with everything we know about the Eras Tour movie here and find our Barbie coverage below:

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