Suzume: Does the cat die?

suzume cat,

The new Suzume anime film features a very cute cat in a prominent role, but does it die by the end of the film?

By Crunchyroll and Your Name filmmaker Makoto Shinkai, comes the newest anime movie to capture your hearts, Suzume no Tajimari. This has been one of the most anticipated animated films of the past few years, and we greatly enjoyed it. You can read our review of the movie here.

The official Crunchyroll plot reads: “Suzume no Tojimari is a coming-of-age story for the 17-year-old protagonist, Suzume, set in various disaster-stricken locations across Japan, where she must close the doors causing devastation.”

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The film ends on a heartfelt bittersweet note, a note which involves Daijin, the film’s cute cat character. But does the movie end in the death of the cat? We’ll explain, but first, major spoiler warning for Suzume!

Does the cat die in Suzume?

Sadly yes, the cat does die in the film. However, you can take comfort in the fact that its not a straightforward death, as the cat is not exactly a cat.

The cat, Daijin, is originally a stone keystone, which Suzume pulls out of the ground at the site of a magical door. By doing this, Suzume has accidently doomed her new companion and door closer/keyholder Satou to becoming a keystone himself.

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Daijin then puts this into motion by turning Satou into the childhood chair that Suzume has in her bedroom. The creature appears at Suzume’s bedroom, looking like a scrawny stray, and after she feeds him, he states, “Suzume is kind,” before performing the magical curse on Satou.

Daijin then races off, and the pair of human and chair have to track him across Japan to turn Satou back. It also appears that Daijin is involved in the magical doors opening across the country, which Suzume has to close in order to avoid devastation.

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It seems at first that Daijin is a villain, however it then becomes clear that they are more chaotic neutral than anything. Daijin was actually guiding Suzume to where the open doors were, rather than being the one that caused them to open.

And when they reach an open door in Tokyo, a door that threatens to level the whole city, Satou – with Daijin’s guidance – realises that he is the new keystone, and must sacrifices himself in order to close the door. He does just this, becoming crystalised and shoved into the heart of the curses that are pouring out of the door.

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Suzume and Daijin are left behind, with seemingly no way to reach Satou again. Daijin attempts to stay alongside Suzume, but the teenager pushes Daijin away in anger. However this doesn’t stop the creature caring about her.

See, when Suzume tracks down a personal door that leads her to where Satou may be in the afterlife, she offers her own life to replace Satou as the keystone. However, turns out she doesn’t have to make that sacrifice. Daijin is more than willing to do that.

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Daijin then becomes the keystone once more, reverting back into his seemingly lifeless state. It’s a heart-breaking moment, but Daijin doesn’t suffer at least, and leaves knowing he was appreciated by Suzume. And because of this act, Suzume and Satou are able to reunite, and continue their lives as door closers and close friends.

Suzume no Tajimari is currently playing in cinemas.

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