Super Mario Bros movie soundtrack: Release date & how to stream

The Super Mario Bros soundtrack Vinyl release from iam8bitiam8bit

The Super Mario Bros Movie features a banging, nostalgic soundtrack – here’s everything we know about its release date on streaming and vinyl.

Mario music has always been gloriously infectious, whether it’s its 8-bit origins on the NES, the soundtrack of Rainbow Road in Mario Kart 64, tracks like ‘File Select’ and ‘Dire Dire Docks’ in Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy’s epic theme, or ‘Jump Up, Super Star!’ from Super Mario Odyssey.

The Super Mario Bros Movie is no different, coming equipped with an incredible score composed by Brian Tyler, packed with lots of nods to motifs and musical cues throughout the franchise.

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So, with the film hitting cinemas this week, viewers will be keen to queue up the soundtrack – here’s when and where it will be available to buy and stream.

Super Mario Bros movie soundtrack: Vinyl release date

The Super Mario Bros Movie soundtrack will be able to pre-order on April 7, 2023, from iam8bit. You can place your order here.

Four products are on offer: a 2xLP vinyl release, a cassette, a CD, and a 7″ Bowser single.

The vinyl description reads: “iam8bit is so, so indescribably pumped to partner with our pals at Nintendo, Illumination, and Universal Pictures to mint this coin-collecting, kart-racing smash hit-in-the-making score, from the feature film, on wax, for your collection.

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“It’s presented on – what else – Red & Green colored vinyl, housed in a beautiful gatefold jacket, showcasing a plethora of incredible art straight from the stellar team at Illumination. Don’t miss your chance to take home an iconic piece of musical animation history!”

Super Mario Bros movie soundtrack: Streaming release date

The Super Mario Bros Soundtrack will be available to stream on Spotify and other platforms from April 7, 2023.

This was confirmed by Tyler in an Instagram story, and you can find a full track list below, as per VGMdb:

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Super Mario Bros. Opus6:42
Press Start2:38
King of the Koopas3:33
Plumbin’ Ain’t Easy1:16
It’s a Dog Eat Plumber World1:15
Saving Brooklyn1:47
The Warp Pipe2:05
Strange New World2:03
The Darklands2:20
Welcome to the Mushroom Kingdom2:18
2 Player Game5:07
The Mushroom Council2:07
The Plumber and the Peach1:21
Platforming Princess1:39
World 1-12:34
The Adventure Begins3:04
Lost and Crowned1:39
Courting the Kongs2:00
Drivin’ Me Bananas1:20
Rumble in the Jungle3:59
Practice Makes Perfect1:00
Buckle Up1:31
Rainbow Road Rage3:31
Blue Shelled2:26
An Indecent Proposal3:24
The Belly of the Beast1:23
Fighting Tooth and Veil3:45
Tactical Tanooki2:22
Mario Brothers Rap0:58
Grapple in the Big Apple3:40
The Super Mario Brothers1:27
Bonus Level1:01
Level Complete2:32

In an interview, Tyler also spoke about how the score weaves in the music of Koji Kondo with new themes. “I would talk to [Kondo] back and forth: ‘Okay, what about this? What do you think if I did this for this?” because I wanted to incorporate things,” he told Screen Rant.

“Sometimes it’s invisible, [or] just like an Easter egg. The harp might be doing a line from the select screen on Mario Kart that only happens when you’re in the waiting room. There’s a part [in the movie] where Mario and Luigi are in a waiting room, and I thought it’d be cool [if] within the score that’s actually a mystery score, you hear the harp playing the waiting room music.

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“I wanted to completely dive in and make [the film’s music] a feast for people that watch it 1,000 times, or Mario fans, but [ensure it] also works on a dramatic level.”

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