Succession’s Brian Cox cast in new James Bond reality show

Brian Cox as The Controller in 007's Road to a Million.Prime Video

New James Bond reality show 007’s Road to a Million has found its host/villain in the shape of Succession star Brian Cox.

The Broccoli family has been very protective of the James Bond brand. We get a new film every few years, but there’s be nothing in the way of spinoff movies or shows.

That’s about to change thanks to a new reality show heading to Amazon’s Prime Video later this year. The series will see couples compete against each other in a series of challenges that play out in glamorous locations from the Bond movies.

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And the man sending them on these missions is the artist formally known as Logan Roy – namely Brian Cox.

Brian Cox cast in new James Bond reality show

Succession’s Brian Cox will play a character called ‘The Controller’ in 007’s Road to a Million. He’ll be overseeing proceedings, with the show’s synopsis describing him as follows…

“The Controller is villainous and cultured, and revels in the increasingly difficult journeys and questions the contestants must overcome. He has millions of pounds to give away — up to £1 million per couple — but he doesn’t make it easy. Whilst he lurks in the shadows, he is watching and controlling everything.”

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Of playing The Controller in the show, Cox said: “I got to see how ordinary people would cope with being on a James Bond adventure. As they travel the world to some of the most iconic Bond locations, it gets more intense and nail-biting. I enjoyed my role as both villain and tormentor, with license to put the hopeful participants through the mangle.”

Why Barbara Broccoli is making 007’s Road to Millions

Barbara Broccoli is in charge of all things Bond, and told Variety that she said yes to the concept because it was the first such pitch that sounded safe for those participating.

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Broccoli to Variety: “People have always come to us about doing a TV show, [saying,] ‘Oh, you should do a Bond challenge,’ but we always stayed away from it because we didn’t want to put people in danger and have them do dangerous things, because it’s not for members of the public — it’s for trained professionals.”

The pitch from production company 72 Films sounded like it fit the bill however, with Broccoli stating: “Audiences will get a big kick out of it, and that’s why we agreed to do it. I mean, it surprised us as well as everybody else. Like, wow, we’re gonna do this?”

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007’s Road to Millions launches later this year, while for more James Bond coverage head here.

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