Succession Season 4: Who is Nate Sofrelli?

Ashley Zuckerman as Nate Sofrelli in SuccessionHBO

Succession Season 4 Episode 7 sees the return of Nate Sofrelli – but who is he, and what happened to him in previous seasons?

In our review, we wrote: “Succession’s latest episode is quick, thrillingly nasty, and the schadenfreude would be oh-so-delicious if we didn’t feel for these characters this deeply.”

It’s Election Day Eve, and Shiv and Tom are hosting their first Tailgate Party together. While Kendall and Roman try to butter up the “thought-leaders” in attendance, Lukas Matsson makes a surprise appearance to fight his corner, all while colluding with Shiv behind her brothers’ backs.

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Nate Sofrelli also makes an appearance at the party, and if you’re trying to cast your mind back to the earlier seasons of Succession, don’t worry – here’s a quick rundown on the character.

Who is Nate Sofrelli in Succession?

Nate Sofrelli, played by Ashley Zukerman, is a political strategist working for Daniel Jimenez, the Democratic candidate for the US presidency. He also had an affair with Shiv.

Nate was first introduced in Season 1, but we don’t know much about his past. He worked with Kendall – when they reunite in Episode 7, they hug, so they clearly consider themselves to be friends – and had a romantic past with Shiv, but that’s about it.

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Shiv asked Nate to carry out a background check on Marcia, which leads to her meeting his boss: Gil Eavis, a possible presidential candidate. Later, Shiv and Nate had a sexual encounter in his car, and they had sex on the night of Tom’s bachelor party – the same night he swallowed his own load, lest we forget. She didn’t consider it cheating, because they had an agreement.

Just before the wedding, Greg overheard Shiv and Nate talking about their affair and tries to tell Tom, who refuses to believe it… at first. On the night of the wedding, he forces Nate to pour his wine back into the bottle before kicking him out.

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He returned in Season 2, but only briefly. He asked Shiv not to tell his wife about their affair, and Shiv ended up getting fired by Gil. He wasn’t seen at all in Season 3.

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