Succession Season 4 Episode 6: What is Living+?

Kendall in Succession Season 4 Episode 6, 'Living+'HBO

Succession Season 4 Episode 6 revolves around the launch of a new Waystar product, but many fans have been left asking: what the hell is Living+?

In our review, we wrote: “Succession’s latest episode plays host to some absolutely superb character work. Some may miss the momentum of the show’s earlier episodes, but the performances have never been better.”

After Lukas Matsson’s jaw-dropping offer in Norway, this week’s episode sees the “CE-Bros” trying to find a new way to sabotage the deal without anyone sniffing what they’re up to. While Roman swings his axe around like a petulant viking, Kendall focuses on launching (and inflating) a product conceived by their father: Living+.

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We hear a lot of marketing mumbo-jumbo and flowery promises of “eternal life”, but there’s every chance you’ve been left feeling a bit confused about what it actually is – so, we’re gonna explain Living+ as simply as we can. Mild spoilers for Succession to follow…

Succession: Living+ explained… hopefully

Living+ is a Waystar real estate venture. Think of it as a gated community, with individual homes bolstered by and woven with the company’s content and initiatives, and probably located near one of Waystar’s theme parks. It’s almost like the experience of staying on a cruise ship but on a larger, more expensive scale.

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In the opening minutes of Episode 6, we see Logan Roy talking about how Living+ provides a “safe, secure community” for its residents, while Matsson likens it to being held prisoner in a cruise ship that doesn’t go anywhere. It’s why Matsson makes that Holocaust joke, and by Kendall’s own admission, it’s “warehousing the elderly, keeping them drunk on content and sucking them dollar-dry.”

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It sounds dystopian and ridiculous, especially as Kendall talks about the lives of Living+ residents being benefitted by the surrounding Waystar IP and having “privileged access to life enhancement therapies” that could possibly inch humanity towards immortality. And yet, there are real-world examples of similar set-ups: Disney has Golden Oak in Florida, a luxury, multi-million-dollar resort, and there’s also Storyliving by Disney.

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Obviously, Living+ is a more outrageous concept than any of Disney’s communities, almost comparable to Elizabeth Holmes’ infamous Theranos. But Kendall isn’t interested in Living+ succeeding, necessarily – he just wants the positive response to increase Waystar’s share price to a point that prices Matsson out of the deal.

Succession Season 4 Episodes 1-6 are streaming on HBO and Sky now. Episode 7 will be available to watch on May 7 in the US and May 8 in the UK. Check out our other coverage below:

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