Where was Succession filmed in Norway? All locations

Alexander Skarsgård at the Juvet Landscape Hotel in Norway in SuccessionHBO

Succession Season 4 Episode 5 sees the Roys and their Waystar compatriots traveling to Norway to meet Lukas Matsson – here’s a breakdown of all the filming locations in the new episode.

In our review, we called it “the best possible version of the show’s early ultra-business vibes; the dialogue is fast-paced and searing, nobody’s footing is stable, and it has the momentum of a bullet train.”

With Kendall and Roman now serving as co-CEOs, they’re summoned alongside the rest of the board to Matsson’s annual retreat in Norway for a “culture compatibility check” before the GoJo sale, giving them one last chance to “bleed the Swede.”

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This isn’t just any corporate getaway – they’re met with some of the most breathtaking, serene locations ever seen in the show, some of which may look familiar too. Here’s where they filmed.

Succession filming locations in Norway

While the episode makes it seem like they’re all gathered in one extraordinary, scenic place, the Succession team traveled to different locations in western Norway.

“Norway is a glorious, natural setting. It immediately seemed like a perfect place for a family gathering in the series. We studied different countries, but we realized Norway just has this exceptional landscape — like nowhere else in the world,” production designer Scott Ferguson told Variety.

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Below, you’ll find a list of the different locations seen in the new episode.

Juvet Landscape Hotel

The Juvet Landscape Hotel in Norway in Succession Season 4 Episode 5HBO

First of all, yes: the hotel in Succession is the same place from Ex Machina, and it’s called the Juvet Landscape Hotel.

“When we saw images of the remarkable architecture and setting of Juvet we got really excited,” Ferguson said.

The award-winning hotel is located between the UNESCO world heritage Geiranger Fjord and Trollstigen, offering its guests stunning, immersive views of the forest from its rooms.

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If you want to book a room for yourself, you can click here – but fair warning, it’s not exactly cheap.

Romsdalen Gondola and Nesaksla

Nesaksla in the latest episode of SuccessiojHBO

The Romsdalen Gondola features prominently in the episode, with Kendall and Roman taking the cable car ride up to meet Matsson twice. At the top, they visit the Eggen Restaurant and walk along the top of the Nesaksla mountain.

The cable car was the country’s first “built on sustainability principles”, and it takes you 1,679 meters “from the fjord up to the mountain Nesaksla (700 meters above sea level), located right above the town of Åndalsnes. The journey up itself is approx. 10 min long,” as per Norwegian Travel.

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A round-trip ticket for the gondola costs around $47, although you can also buy family deals and multi-day passes.

Atlantic Ocean Road

Visit Norway

Atlantic Ocean Road is one of the routes seen in the new episode of Succession. Notably, it appeared in a chase scene in No Time To Die.

Described as one of the world’s most beautiful drives, the 8.3km stretch is a true marriage of ocean and road, with its drivers gifted striking views on the edge of the water.

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As per Visit Norway, “it connects Averøy with the mainland via a series of small islands and islets spanned by a total of eight bridges over 8274 meters. The road was opened in 1989 and is toll-free. The Atlantic Road has National Tourist Route status and the entire stretch between Bud and Kristiansund is one continuous experience packed with coastal scenery, culture, and history.”


The Trollstigen hairpin mountain road in Norway in SuccessionHBO

The Trollstigen hairpin path is almost the opposite of the Atlantic Ocean Road: its 11 sharp bends ascend the steep, calf-straining mountain sides in Romsdalen valley.

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Yes, some maniacs (aka people with better physical fitness than me) actually cycle up this thing, or you can drive. The road connects Åndalsnes with the village of Valldal in Sunnmøre, and it brings in around one million tourists annually.


Gudbrandsjuvet in Valldal, NorwayGudbrandsjuvet/Instagram

In one scene, Kendall and Roman are seen standing on a platform above the Gudbrandsjuvet, a ravine through which the Valldøla River forces itself, according to Visit Norway.

The boardwalk is a popular location for tourists, given it allows them to take in the scenery without taking on the slightly treacherous hike in the gorge below. It’s also pretty close to the Juvet Landscape Hotel.

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The ravine was supposedly named after a man called Gudbrand, “who ran off with his new bride and saved himself from his angry pursuers by jumping over the ravine at its narrowest point. Gudbrand was declared an outlaw for his deeds, and lived the rest of his life in a stone hut in one of the side-valleys above Gudbrandsjuvet.”

Succession Season 4 Episodes 1-5 are streaming on HBO and Sky now. Episode 6 will be available to watch on April 30 in the US and May 1 in the UK. Check out our other coverage below:

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