Succession fans ruin the show’s biggest moment with spoilers

Jeremy Strong as Kendall in Succession Season 4 Episode 3HBO

The newest episode of Succession is an emotional, hierarchy-shifting whopper – but you probably already knew that, thanks to the online collective of fans flooding social media with spoilers.

Spoiler culture is a toxic merry-go-round of people avoiding new shows and movies out of fear, people being chastised for sharing minor details, and inconsiderate viewers spewing out massive reveals, cameos, and deaths like a hysterical reflex.

Those accused of spoiling something will lean on the go-to defence: “Stay off Twitter then.” But what if someone can’t stay off social media, as it’s part of their job? What if someone had the show’s hashtag muted, in theory protecting themselves from any plot-specific chatter, only for someone to share a screenshot of a huge spoiler without any key terms in a way that’s literally unavoidable on the app?

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I am all of the above. This morning at 6:30am, as I got up to watch and cover Succession Season 4 Episode 3, a single tweet in a stream of others ruined one of the biggest – if not the biggest – moments in the show.

Here’s your courtesy warning: we’re now going to discuss Succession spoilers.

A still from Succession Season 4 Episode 3HBO

Succession fans wake up to spoilers all over social media

In the latest episode of Succession, Logan Roy dies. It’s been a long time coming, considering he’s been walking the green mile since the very first episode, but it’s more than a bombshell – this is one of the best TV episodes of all time, without a doubt.

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Reactions to the episode are all over Twitter today, but have specifically included the death itself – some of them were posted as the show was airing, if not as the credits rolled. You may be enjoying the communal experience of a tweet-along, but the scales are not tipped in your favor – you can talk about how you feel about something without saying what happens, as many have managed.

“This Succession spoiler has actually ruined my whole day,” one user wrote. “Why do I even bother muting succession if y’all will just keep retweeting spoilers,” another wrote. “I just had the biggest spoiler of the entire show of Succession ruined for me last night… forgot and went to look at a notification that popped up and boom first tweet I see,” a third tweeted.

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“Feeling nostalgic for when I’d watch an episode of TV and not know what was gonna happen before I press play. Good times!” another wrote. “Wow. I don’t watch Succession but a reminder to everybody that you can spoiler tag and block out images on here when you for some insane reason feel like sharing a giant image of a news article with a huge spoiler in it,” a fifth tweeted.

However, as one user pointed out, maybe this will serve as a lesson. “I feel like television series spoilers are the lesson we all need to stop opening this app at 7am like it’s the morning paper… I don’t even watch that show everyone’s talking about but it is just striking how many people’s viewer experience has been ruined,” they wrote.

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Or, perhaps, people can be considerate enough to not treat spoilers like a sneeze they can’t hold in. Logan Roy would have two perfect words for this sort of situation.

Succession Season 4 Episodes 1-3 are streaming on HBO and Sky now. Episode 4 will be available to watch on April 16 in the US and April 17 in the UK. Check out our other coverage below:

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