Stranger Things writers reveal entire Season 5 plot – but there’s a catch

Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson in Stranger ThingsNetflix

The writers of Stranger Things Season 5 have just revealed the whole plot for the final chapter – but don’t get too excited about reading it.

Season 4 of Stranger Things was a pop culture phenomenon. Running Up That Hill reached number one on the charts 37 years after release, the world mourned the death of Eddie – I’d say spoiler alert, but why are you here? – and Hellfire Club t-shirts sold out almost instantly.

Netflix’s flagship series was a success from the off, but it’s now comfortably one of the biggest shows of all time, with fans waiting with bated breath on any and all updates regarding the fifth and final season.

To that, we have some good news: the writers have decided to release the whole plan for Season 5 online. But not exactly. Alas, it was never going to be that simple, was it?

Stranger Things writers troll fans by revealing entire Season 5 plot

A new tweet from the Stranger Things writers’ room account has sent fans into a frenzy. They revealed all the main plot points from every episode Season 5 – but they pixelated the image, so good luck trying to decipher it.

“Grid complete,” the account wrote alongside the snap, which shows screeds of notes for all eight episodes, as well as a mysterious black dot towards the end.

If you’re thinking of Googling “how to depixelate an image”, don’t bother – take it from someone whose job it is to find out these things and spent too long signing up to free photo editors online prior to writing this article.

Sadly, it’ll be a while before we find out or see anything from the final season of Stranger Things, as it’s unlikely to drop on Netflix before summer 2024. Still, there’s plenty to speculate, like who’ll die in the show’s endgame, and if Eddie will return – he won’t, but one can dream.

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