Stranger Things creators still don’t know Season 5 release date

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The Duffer Brothers are gearing up to begin work on Stranger Things Season 5. There’s just one problem: they still don’t know its release date. 

Volume 2 of Stranger Things’ fourth season hit Netflix last week. Echoing the rest of the show’s run on the streaming platform, the finale has become a phenomenon entirely of its own, with Metallica’s Master of Puppets climbing the charts and fans still grieving over the death of a beloved character.

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Since the first episode of Season 4 dropped, viewers have spent a cumulative 1.15 billion hours watching Stranger Things. It’s Netflix’s second show to pass the nine-figure milestone, beaten only by Squid Game, still the firm’s most popular show to date.

Of course, there’s one question on everyone’s lips now: what’s going to happen in the final season, and when’s it coming out? Don’t expect the creators to tell you – they have no idea about the Stranger Things Season 5 release date.

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Stranger Things creators still working out Season 5 release date

In a new interview with Collider, the Duffer Brothers were asked if they had a release date in mind for Season 5, given the massive gap between the third and fourth seasons.

Matt Duffer replied: “It depends who you ask. You know what I mean? That’s what we’re still figuring out.

“Our post-production supervisor wants more time for post-production. So it’s going to be a big discussion. How long does everybody get? Here’s the thing, the more you shorten production, the more you shorten post-production, the more things get compromised.”

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Stranger Things creators say “good is better than quick” with Season 5

Matt added that it’s a matter of striking the right balance of compromising to release it sooner and giving everybody the time they need, “without being indulgent… I’m sure we’ll figure out what that line is, but my whole thing was I was never super worried.”

The age of binging and quick turnarounds has made fans more insatiable, while the Duffers grew up with years-long gaps between sequels.

“I was never as worried about it as some people, just because we’re ’90s kids and I just grew up waiting at least a couple of years for movie sequels. If not longer,” Matt said, also referencing James Cameron’s upcoming Avatar movies.

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However, they assured fans they also “want it fast as possible, but as good as possible. Ross and I will always favor quality, I think. At the end of the day, I think it’s better that it’s good than that it comes out quickly.”

The duo earlier confirmed they plan to start writing the scripts for Season 5 in August, after enjoying a well-earned holiday. At this point, a 2024 release date is more likely.

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