Stranger Things creators reveal unsolved mystery that will be key in Season 5

Josh Tyler
The Upside Down in Stranger Things

According to the Duffer Brothers, there is still one Stranger Things mystery that will be key to Season 5.

The end of Stranger Things Season 4 answered some of the biggest questions the show has raised. From how the Upside Down monsters are connected to how Eleven opened the gate to the Upside Down, Stranger Things fans got a lot of answers to long-asked questions.

But while the season did answer some questions, it also posed (and answered) several new ones. Most notably, it unraveled the mystery behind it’s newest big bad, Vecna, but it also posed a brand new mystery about the Upside Down.

According to the creators of Stranger Things, this latest mystery will be a big key to the story of the final season. Spoilers for Stranger Things Season 4 ahead.

The mystery of Stranger Things Season 4

In Season 4, Nancy, Robin, Steve, and Eddie made a shocking discovery when trapped in the Upside Down.

When Nancy suggested that the group go to her house to find guns that she had purchased for their protection, they were shocked to find the gun was not where she had left it. Instead, they found shoes that Nancy claimed to have thrown out “years ago”.

After further investigation, the group realized that the objects in the room were preserved as they had been on the day Will Byers was taken, November 6, 1983. This was also the day that Eleven first made contact with Vecna in the Upside Down, opening the gate that was the subject of Season 1.

How this will impact Season 5

Stranger Things revealed that the Upside Down was frozen in time.

According to a new interview from the Duffer Brothers with Deadline, this mystery, which was left unsolved at the end of Season 4, will be a big key to the final season of Stranger Things.

Ross Duffer said, “There’s still a few of the question marks that remain…The biggest one being we set up in the Volume One finale how the Upside Down is stuck in time on the day of Will’s disappearance. That’s something we don’t answer in volume two, and that is really the key plot point, the key question that is going to drive our final season.”

Fans have understandably begun to scour Stranger Things for clues as to why the Upside Down being frozen in time would be significant to the final season and the kids’ quest to defeat Vecna. For now, they’ll have to keep theorizing and wondering how this mystery will resolve.