Star Wars: The Clone Wars writer Brent Friedman set to direct ‘Grounded’ video game TV series

Grounded story trailer Inside XboxXbox, YouTube

‘Grounded’ is receiving an animated series led by two of the biggest names in the industry.

Deadline confirmed Grounded as the latest video game to receive a TV adaptation. Recently, Paramount Plus created a Halo TV series, and the show received a mixed reception from fans. Meanwhile, Arcane nailed an animated video game adaptation, and the blockbuster League of Legends show received two Emmy nominations.

Grounded launched initially for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One in early access in July 2020. The game has over 10 million downloads and boasts a strong following.

Grounded game developers stated that the series would be in the same universe. Star Wars: The Clone Wars writer Brent Friedman crafted the story, and Halo 4 director, Brien Goodrich, was brought on to direct the project.

grounded combatObsidian
Players will need to craft weapons to defend themselves from predators.

Grounded TV series announced

Grounded was inspired by ‘A Bugs Life’ and ‘Honey I Shrunk The Kids.’ Obsidian Entertainment is known for creating The Outer Worlds, Star Wars Knights of the Republic 2: The Sith Lords, and Fallout New Vegas.

In it, the protagonist shrinks to the size of an ant, and players survive in a backyard filled with insects such as spiders, needs, and dust mites. Players need to craft weapons, traps, and scavenge resources to survive.

Obsidian designed Grounded as a survival game that can be tackled solo or played with up to four friends.

Friedman was a writer on Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. Both shows were critically acclaimed and are widely considered some of the best spin-off Star Wars projects to date.

Goodrich directed more than 120 minutes of real-time and pre-rendered cinematics for Halo 4 and 5.

Obsidian did not reveal a reveal date for the show.