Star Wars Rogue Squadron will no longer release in 2023

Josh Tyler
Star Wars Rogue SquadronYouTube: Star Wars

The upcoming Star Wars movie, Rogue Squadron, has been pulled from the release schedule.

Although the Star Wars television shows are dominating on Disney Plus, the same has not been true of recent Star Wars movies.

The most recent trilogy – The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, and The Rise of Skywalker – were either critically panned or divisive for the franchise’s core audience.

In addition, the attempts to branch out with anthology films like Rogue One and Solo have been mixed, both in terms of critical reception and box office receipts.

It’s been three years since The Rise of Skywalker hit theaters and fans were anxiously awaiting the next cinematic experience. Unfortunately, they will have to wait a bit longer.

Star Wars Rogue Squadron removed from release schedule

Star Wars Rogue SquadronYouTube: Star Wars
Star Wars Rogue Squadron has been delayed

According to a new report from Variety, the upcoming movie Rogue Squadron has been pushed back from its original release date in 2023. The film has been removed from Disney’s release calendar, meaning that it seems unlikely the movie will release within the next two years.

The movie, helmed by Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins, was set to be a spinoff of the core nine films.

While the details of the movie have been kept largely under wraps, as it has not yet begun production and no casting choices have been announced, Jenkins has previously said that Rogue Squadron appeals to her desire to make “the greatest fighter pilot movie of all time.”

That may be a high bar to clear, now that Top Gun and its sequel, Top Gun: Maverick, have left audiences breathless at what these movies can achieve, however it would certainly be distinct from past Star Wars films.

It’s unknown what the reason for removing Rogue Squadron from the release schedule is, or how quickly it will return with a new release date. There are other Star Wars films in development, with directors like Rian Johnson and Taika Waititi attached, which could now leapfrog Rogue Squadron in terms of release order.

For now, fans will have to wait an extra few years to see another Star Wars movie in theaters.

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