Squid Game super-fan Leonardo DiCaprio could join Season 3 cast

squid game and leo in titanicNetflix/Paramount Pictures

Leonardo DiCaprio could join the hit Netflix show Squid Game in the third season, according to its director.

Squid Game, the hit Netflix show that took the world by storm back in 2021, is potentially set to have not just one, but two more seasons.

While fans seem to be torn on whether the story of Squid Game should continue, there is a potential casting choice that could get people interested.

According to the show’s Emmy-winning director Hwang Dong-hyuk, Titanic actor Leonardo DiCaprio actor himself will “probably” become part of Squid Game if a third season happens.

Major actors, including DiCaprio, may be joining the games in the future

Hwang stated in an Emmy Winning press conference to Deadline that major Hollywood actors could appear in Squid Game if a third season happens, since he now has plans for the games in order, and the budget for the show has significantly increased for Season 2.

If DiCaprio were to join, he’d likely be very happy to, as Hwang explained that DiCaprio has “said he is a big fan many times,” so “maybe if time allows and if chances allow we should ask him to join the game.”

Lead actor Lee Jung-jae, who also won an Emmy for the show, added during the conference that hopefully a third season of Squid Game would “give more opportunities to remarkable filmmakers and actresses.”

However, for Season 2 Hollywood actors are “not in my plan,” according to Hwang, as the series will once again take place in Korea. But if a third season gets greenlit, this plan will “probably change,” as many Hollywood stars have expressed an interest in the show.

Squid Game doesn’t want to spoil what’s coming next

Season 2 is entering production next year and will air in 2024. Hwang has decided what deadly games will feature, but wouldn’t state any at the conference. He also urged the media to keep things quiet:

“I beg you not to write articles about the games because the audience needs to feel the suspense and thrill of what’s coming next.”

He then joked, “If I get too drunk and babble, I ask you to suffocate me to stop me from giving spoilers.”

Hwang stated that he was “feeling the pressure” after Season 1 became the most-watched series on Netflix, but that pressure is “motivation” to make Season 2 even better.

Squid Game Season 1 is currently available to watch on Netflix.