Spy x Family part 2 review: A near perfect slice of life

Spy x Family part 2 reviewYouTube: Netflix Phillipines

Spy x Family Part 2 marked the continuation of the series, and serves as an exemplary example of the slice-of-life genre. Its use of humor and likable characters creates an exceptionally fun viewing experience.

Though the series initially markets itself as an intense spy story, Spy x Family is very much a slice-of-life anime with the spy genre remaining secondary to the overall theme.

But thanks to the series’ underlying goal of saving the world, the characters within Spy x Family have an extra layer of depth, which Part Two of the series uses to its strength.

This review will not include spoilers for the series, but rather talks in generality, analyzing the Spy x Family Part 2 as a whole.

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Spy x Family Part 2 utilizes humor masterfully

Spy x Family Part 2 utilizes the theme of saving the world to draw more character motivations while using them to create incredibly humorous, almost satirical, moments. While doing so, the creators remain cognitive of the ridiculous nature of the anime. Rather than attempting to make sense of the flawed power scaling and logic of the characters, Spy x Family Part 2 leans into the hilarity.

The series utilizes its ridiculous characters to break conventional anime thinking norms, allowing these characters to show relatable struggles despite showcasing completely over-the-top behavior. The series does this while smartly balancing its illogical plot progressions.

During what would otherwise become rather awkward moments to watch, where viewers begin thinking, “This is kind of stupid and doesn’t make any sense,” the plot acknowledges the concern. But instead of backing off, trying to reign back the logical inconsistencies, Part 2 goes the complete other way and pokes fun at its own premise and characters.

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This is masterfully handled, creating unexpected occurrences in a rather predictable overarching plot. Therefore, even though much of the story follows a standard format, Spy x Family Part 2 manages to surprise viewers. And despite the characters displaying over-the-top godlike powers, their concerns and thoughts are incredibly relatable — making for an incredibly entertaining watch as a whole.

Adding new characters to the mix

The three members of the Forger family, Anya, Loid, and Yor, are a very entertaining bunch. But one can only be entertained by the three same people for so long. The second part of Spy x Family keeps the recipe fresh by adding in new likable characters into the mix.

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Each character feels like they fit in perfectly with the context of Spy x Family. So instead of feeling like forced additions, the personalities and interactions they provide undoubtedly liven up the show. Not only that, the new characters are all very likable in their own regard, rivaling even the main cast in regard to charm and popularity.

Almost a masterpiece

Though Spy x Family Part 2 is a great watch, it’s far from a masterpiece. The biggest glaring flaw is showcased by its attempt to force the slice-of-life formula while still progressing the overall narrative forward.

The series utilizes filler episodes quite often, which halt the flow of the story. These filler episodes attempt to mask themselves as character development arcs. But when two independent storylines are shown to have no connection to one another, excluding simply existing in the same universe, the overall narrative progression is put into question.

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This is a standard of slice-of-life anime, so many could easily argue that this isn’t necessarily a flaw, but more so an accepted trait of the genre. The thing is, when each episode literally recaps the base premise, the lack of base narrative progression can often leave viewers feeling disappointed. This rings especially true when previous couple of episodes were directly connected to one another, providing a longer format arc that directly impacted the characters’ motivations.

Spy x Family Part 2 rating: 4/5

But overall, Spy x Family is a fantastic watch. For those who enjoyed the first part, Part Two definitely delivers. Hopefully, Season 2 will do the same.

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