Skinamarink: 5 scariest moments in the new horror phenomenon

A scary still of Kaylee in Skinamarink.Shudder

Skinamarink is the most talked about horror movie of the moment, and these are film’s five most frightening moments.

Skinamarink hit screens last week, and has already grossed more than 50x its modest budget at the U.S. box office. The film’s official synopsis is as follows…

Two children wake up in the middle of the night to find their father is missing, and all the windows and doors in their home have vanished.

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Those children are called Kevin and Kaylee, and within their simple story is a chilling tale that taps into universal childhood fears. You can read our thoughts on the film’s ending here. While below we’ve listed Skinamarink’s most frightening moments. Just BEWARE OF SPOILERS AHEAD

Toys on the Ceiling

You can’t see or hear much in Skinamarink, the camera slowly stalking the house in question, focussing on walls and floors where little is happening. But you’ve got to keep your eyes trained on the screen, as every now and then, something scary will suddenly happen.

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That’s the case early in proceedings, when Kaylee sees what looks like a naked Barbie doll, on the ceiling. Has the world turned upside-down? It’s unclear, but the camera stays focussed on said doll for several seconds, in the dim spotlight of a torch.

Then in a split second we cut away, as Kaylee screams and drops her torch. It’s a classic jump-scare. But one that’s followed with both innocence and foreboding as the youngster breathes heavily and simply says “Toy.”

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“Look under the bed”

Kaylee then heads upstairs to look for her parents, from where a voice says “look under the bed.” She does as she’s told, but there’s nothing in that darkness.

Kaylee comes up to see her mother sitting on the other side of the bed. As with everyone in the movie, her back is to the camera. She tells Kaylee “We love you and Kevin very much,” then orders the girl to close her eyes.

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Kaylee again does as she’s told, and when she opens them, her mother has gone. The youngster heads downstairs, but not before she hears a loud, appalling, and as ever unexplained noise.

Face Without a Mouth

Kevin approaches Kaylee, who from the darkness, says she feels strange. We can make out a foot – she’s sitting cross-legged in front of Kevin.

Then there’s a quick, brief cut to her face. And Kaylee no longer has eyes or a mouth; just skin where they used to be.

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Later, a voice tells Kevin “I can do anything. Kaylee didn’t do as she was told. She said she wanted her mom and dad. So I took her mouth away.”

“Put the knife in your eye”

A disembodied voice starts ordering Kevin to do things. A drawer opens, and Kevin is told to “Put the knife in your eye.” A scraping noise can then be heard, followed by a child crying. Which suddenly stops.

It looks like there’s blood on a door. Breathing can now be heard, as well as what sounds like the shuffling footsteps of a child. Then we get a better look at the door, and that’s definitely blood, next to what looks like a knife on the floor.

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Skinamarink’s horror slideshow

There seems to be something evil inside the house. But did it come from outside? Or was it already there? Dad says Kevin hit his head. Mom is crying. All is not well.

Then we see a slideshow of family photos – pictures of toddlers; presumably Kevin and Kaylee. But they are distorted, with faces blurred, and heads missing.

Is this to represent the warped nature of Kevin and Kaylee’s home life? Everything is ambiguous, and nothing is clear. But it’s a horrifying moment, in a truly terrifying film.

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Skinamarink is in cinemas now and you can read more about the horror hit here.

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