She-Hulk writer defends “most comic accurate show” in MCU

she-hulk writerWalt Disney Co.

Legendary comic writer and She-Hulk scribe Dan Slott slams criticism saying the Disney+ series isn’t comic-accurate.

Dan Slott has penned more solo She-Hulk issues than any other writer in the character’s 40-plus-year history. His run shaped much of the Jade Giantess’ modern tales, too – the show included. As such, Slott’s thoughts on the Disney+ series hold quite a bit of weight.

And despite the show’s first season coming to an end several months ago, many continue to share their thoughts – good and bad.

The discourse around the comedic legal drama has proven so toxic that it was review bombed before the first episode premiered.

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Much of the criticism leveled against it since then throws shots at a supposed lack of comic book accuracy. Dan Slott has thrown a wrench in such arguments.

She-Hulk writer calls show the most comic-accurate MCU series

In response to the aforementioned criticism, Dan Slott spoke up as “the guy who has written more issues of SHE-HULK than anyone.”

As far as the writer’s concerned, Disney’s She-Hulk series constitutes the “MOST comic book accurate show in the MCU.”

Some responses to the tweet involve people moving the goalposts, as Slott put it, arguing that the show’s issues had nothing to do with comic accuracy.

“Love the goal post moving, ’cause the whole ‘the show isn’t comic accurate’ talking point has been going on for months,” he wrote in a subsequent Twitter post.

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Despite the online hate, She-Hulk still managed to perform fairly well. Data from Nielsen showed the series counted as the ninth most-watched series for the week of August 22 through August 29 with 390 million minutes watched.

There’s currently no word on whether Disney will green light a second season.