She-Hulk: Patty Guggenheim becomes instant fan favorite as Wong’s friend

Patty Guggenheim's Madisynn has become a fan favorite.Instagram: Patty Guggenheim, Instagram: shehulkofficial

Patty Guggenheim has taken the MCU fandom by storm with her latest appearance in She-Hulk.

One of the reasons that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has become the biggest franchise in entertainment is the depth of the world it exists in.

Beyond even the larger-than-life characters like Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Thor, and Spider-Man, the MCU has stood out because of the secondary characters who can add levity and comedy to the shows and movies.

In episode four of She-Hulk, actress Patty Guggenheim has firmly planted herself among the upper echelon of supporting characters in the MCU. Spoilers for episode four below!

Fans go nuts for Patty Guggenheim in She-Hulk

In episode four, Guggenheim plays Madisynn, a drunken girl at a magic show who is sent to a demonic realm by the “magician” Donny Blaze.

She eventually is brought to Kamar-Taj and meets the Sorcerer Supreme himself, Wong.

Despite spoiling an episode of The Sopranos before Wong sends her home, throughout the episode it seems like she and “Wongsy” have developed something of a rapport and fans cannot get enough of the pairing.

While it’s not clear whether Madisynn will be a recurring character in more episodes of She-Hulk or in the MCU after the show, fans are clearly happy to have Patty Guggenheim return to the role.

Maybe after they finish watching The Sopranos, they’ll start binging The Wire?