Secret Invasion: MCU fans convinced Agents of SHIELD character is back

agents of shield secret invasionMarvel/Disney+

Agents of SHIELD has yet to cement itself in the MCU, but with Secret Invasion, this could be set to change.

ABC’s Agents of SHIELD was one of the most popular Marvel TV shows of recent years, and it was always a topic of debate whether or not it would breach into the Cinematic Universe.

Despite Coulson of course appearing in 2012’s The Avengers, such crossover never really happened. Until now, perhaps.

With the upcoming release of Disney’s Secret Invasion (a show that is definitely linked with the MCU) fans are now convinced that a specific Agents of SHIELD character is going to appear.

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Secret Invasion spot may have teased Melinda May

While Chloe Bennet, who played Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD, recently debunked rumors of her return, another character could be on the way: Melinda May, AKA The Cavalry.

A new Secret Invasion clip released by Disney UK may have teased a possible appearance of the major character. The clip, which features footage of Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury with the former SHIELD director, has him stating through a voiceover, “Cavalry’s on its way:”

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While this could be a throw-away line, some fans believe that it is referring to Melinda May (Ming Na-Wen), whose nickname is the Cavalry in Agents of SHIELD. And of course, Marvel is known for using small lines to hint at big future appearances.

Who is Melinda May, AKA The Cavalry?

Melinda May was an agent who worked alongside Coulson, who had been nicknamed the Cavalry due to rumors that she could take on several adversaries at once. 

As stated by Marvel’s Wiki: “Professor Melinda Qiaolian May is a highly-skilled S.H.I.E.L.D. operative, nicknamed the Cavalry. A veteran pilot and soldier with years of experience and a good friend of Phil Coulson, she withdrew from field duty after an incident in Manama, Bahrain which left her mentally damaged.

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“However, she returned to the field when Nick Fury asked to her to secretly assemble a team for Coulson and to monitor his recovery process.”

While this information may or may not be carried into the MCU, if Nick Fury has asked May to return once, perhaps she could return again in Secret Invasion.

Will the Agents of SHIELD appear in Secret Invasion?

Right now, there is no confirmation that Melinda May will appear in Secret Invasion.

But that doesn’t mean Agents of SHIELD won’t be incorporated in the MCU in the future. For example, another TV show hero, Charlie Cox’s Daredevil, is currently getting his own Disney+ show, after primarily working with Netflix in the mid-2010s.

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Plus, since Secret Invasion will be a smaller scale show, it seems like the perfect vehicle to bring in SHIELD Agents. Now that the Skrulls have infiltrated the Earth, Fury will need all the old trusted friends he can get, so May seems like a great choice. Not only that, she could even bring other Agents of SHIELD characters with her. Elizabeth Henstridge, who portrays Jemma Simmons in the series, recently revealed to The Direct that she was “open to reprising the role” in the future.

But we may be getting ahead of ourselves. For now, we’ll have to wait and see if the Cavalry truly is coming.

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Secret Invasion is expected to premiere on Disney+ later this year.

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