Scream 6: Does Gale Weathers die?

gale scream 6

Courtney Cox’s Gale Weathers is the last remaining legacy character in Scream 6, but does she make it to the end, or does she die?

Scream 6 is the newest addition to the Scream film series, and it’s certainly a fun entry. With new leads, locations, and – of course – a new Ghostface, it’s set to be one of the best films in the franchise.

Being a slasher film series, the franchise has had a rather rotating door when it comes to characters, but throughout the losses, one face remains familiar: Gale Weathers, played by Courtney Cox, who is now the only character to visibly appear in all 6 movies.

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But this new film definitely aims to shake things up, so does Gale make it through the newest Ghostface attacks? We’ll explain all, but first, warning: spoilers for Scream 6!

Does Gale die in Scream 6?

No, Gale manages to survive Scream 6. But during one scary scene, she almost doesn’t make it.

Gale is able to help out with tracking down the new Ghostface as she lives in New York, though at first new main characters Sam (Melissa Barrera) and Tara (Jenna Ortega) aren’t happy with her being there, since Gale wrote a book about the last film’s events.

However, she is able to locate one of Ghostface’s locations with fellow returning character Kirby (Hayden Panettiere), though shortly after she is pushed away from the mission by Kirby as she isn’t with the police or the FBI.

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Gale sulks back at her apartment on the upper east side with her new boytoy, though it’s clear that the death of Dewey still haunts her. But it soon becomes apparent that she is in danger of joining him in the afterlife.

What happens to Gale in Scream 6?

Gale is attacked by Ghostface in her apartment, leading to major injuries. Her new boyfriend is also murdered.

Said boyfriend gets dragged of screen and killed while Gale is distracted by a call from said killer. The villain taunts her for a while, during which Gale attempts to track where he is in her apartment.

She does, and shoots at him, but we all know Ghostface doesn’t go down that easy. He chases her through the apartment, throws her through glass, and naturally gets a good few slices in.

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During the fight, it seems like Gale may have won, but when she goes to deliver the killing blow to an unconscious Ghostface, the killer suddenly stabs her deep in the stomach with a piece of glass. Gale can only lay on the ground bleeding out, and for a moment, you really think this film is going to kill her off.

But then, Ghostface is sent running by the arrival of Sam and Terra, who rush to her side and beg her to stay alive. Gale is woozy, but she states to Sam in a shaky, injured, but determined voice: “Tell Sidney he never got me.”

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She then passes out, and for a moment you think she might be dead, but thankfully the paramedics are able to reach her while she still has a pulse. We don’t see really Gale again in the movie, her injuries have clearly taken her out of the running, but it’s clear that she’s made it out alive.

Now, the only other legacy character left standing after Gale’s attack is Kirby, so what’s her fate in the film? Click here to find out.

Scream 6 is now playing in cinemas. Check out the rest of our coverage of the film here.

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