Saw X is a “midquel” between Saw & Saw II with two original stars

Jigsaw and the reverse bear-trap in the Saw moviesLionsgate

Saw X, the highly-anticipated 10th movie in the franchise, will bring back two original stars for a “midquel” set between the first two movies, according to a new report.

First devised by James Wan and Leigh Whannell, the Saw franchise is one of the 21st century’s most significant horror franchises, almost single-handedly responsible for the mainstream torture-porn boom in the 2000s.

While the first movie was more of a psychological thriller – with one of the all-time great endings – the series soon became a carnival of macabre traps and gore. They have their fans, but box office returns have steadily dipped over the years.

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Saw X is set to be a return to form, taking audiences back to the roots of the franchise with its most iconic actor, another major character, and dropping us between the best movies.

Jigsaw and Amanda return for Saw X

Tobin Bell is back as John Kramer, aka Jigsaw, alongside Shawnee Smith, who played Amanda in the first three Saw movies (she also appeared in archive footage in the other instalments).

The casting was first reported by Deadline, but official plot details are still being kept under wraps – however, according to reputable leaker @ViewerAnon, Saw X is a prequel of sorts.

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Shawnee Smith as Amanda in Saw IILionsgate

“Said this before but as I’ve seen more confusion with Deadline’s Shawnee Smith story: SAW X is a midquel fully set between the original SAW and SAW II. Tobin Bell is the lead and will have more screentime than in any other film in the series,” the account wrote.

“It’s early but I’ve heard from a few people SAW X is shaping up to be a surprisingly good sequel, neck and neck with the franchise’s best,” it also tweeted.

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It will be directed by Kevin Greutert, who earlier directed Saw VI and Saw 3D, also known as Saw: The Final Chapter. 

Saw X will be released on October 27, 2023. You can find out more about the movie here, and how to watch the Saw movies in order here.

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