Read what Kevin Smith cut from the end of Clerks III


Clerks III is in US cinemas now, and if you stay to the end of the credits, you’ll hear writer-director Kevin Smith explain why he cut an important piece of voiceover from the movie, then perform those excised words.

Clerks III brings the tale of Quick Stop employees Dante and Randal to a close. Their story started in black-and-white 1994 movie Clerks, then continued in a sequel that changed their location to fast food joint Mooby’s.

But the trilogy closes back at the Quick Stop, where they decide to make a movie about their lives, in much the same way Smith did to kick the saga off.

You can read our review of Clerks III here. While if you scroll down, we’ve got details of what nearly made it into the movie. So BEWARE OF CLERKS III SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Kevin Smith says about the ending of Clerks III

While the credits are rolling at the end of Clerks III, Kevin Smith’s addresses the audience via voiceover, thanking them for taking this third trip to the convenience store with him.

He calls Quick Stop “the unsung hero” of his movies, which is ironic considering how much he hated working there.

Smith then reveals that the film originally featured him – as “the voice of smod” – talking over the final scene, and making reference to Randal stating in the first film that the Quick Stop Job would be great if it weren’t for the customers.

He ultimately decided to drop the voiceover, to let the music (‘I’m From New Jersey’ by John Orka) and images tell the story. But as the credits continue, he reads those words out.

The Voice of Smod…

As “the voice of smod” this is what Kevin Smith would have said over the close of Clerks III…

“Randal Graves spent the rest of his life running Quick Stop groceries whenever he wasn’t making movies, with each film financed solely by Crimson Crypto Studios. At a screening of his final film, the Asbury Park Press asked him to sum up a life spent satisfying both the public’s demand for cigarettes and soda, as well as their appetite for the many movies he made after his celebrated debut, Clerk.

“The 90-year-old Randal Graves replied, ‘I always thought the jobs would’ve been great if it wasn’t for the f**king customers, but as it turns out, these jobs are great because of the f**king customers.’

“He means it, and so do I. Thank you to everybody who ever walked through the door of that store and made me think “someone should put this in a f**king movie.” Somebody did. Thank you.”

Clerks III is in US theaters now, while it hits UK cinemas on September 16.