Prey director is already eyeing up more Predator sequels

Sam Comrie
an image of prey directed by dan trachtenberg
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Predator prequel Prey releases on Disney+ and Hulu on August 5, but director Dan Trachtenberg is already planning ahead for sequels. 

10 Cloverfield Lane director Dan Trachtenberg is set to release his Predator, Prey, later this year. While the hotly anticipated sci-fi entry has yet to make an impact, fans are hoping it will make up for 2018’s immensely disappointing The Predator.

Even though it is yet to release, Trachtenberg has revealed that he is getting ready to set his sights on the franchise’s future with ideas for follow-ups.

An image of Predator prequel Prey
20th Century Studios
Prey is set during the Comanche Nation, 300 years ago in the year 1719.

Predator prequel director has “exciting ideas” for the future

Prey director Dan Trachtenberg explained to Time Out that: “There are a lot of exciting ideas for what could be next for the franchise.”

The reception of Prey is yet to be seen, making sequels at this point uncertain. Despite that, Trachtenberg added: “The things that most excite me are the boldest swings.”

“I think there’s scope to do other things that haven’t been done before,” said the director.

an image of the predator
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Shane Black returned to the franchise with The Predator.

Prey marks an interesting move for the Predator franchise. Whereas other sequels have gone for ambitious crossovers or bombastic action, Prey could be the simplistic return the form the franchise needs.

2010’s Predators was a step in the right direction, pitting a group of world-weary survivors into a battle royale situation against the alien foes.

The Predator prequel will also be available to watch in the Comanche language too, according to producer Jhane Meyers. Meyers told Slash Film that “this is the first time for a brand new film to come out and have that option to hear it all in the whole language.”

Dan Trachtenberg has helped reshape existing franchises before, lending his directorial talents to the brilliant 10 Cloverfield Lane. Maybe he can strike gold again here too.