Pokemon Horizons anime reveals monsters live in luxury inside Poke Balls

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The latest episode of the Pokemon Horizons anime shows that pocket monsters live in luxury inside their Poke Balls.

In spite of the franchise’s lengthy history, there are many mysteries that continue to elude longtime Pokemon fans. Poke Balls sit high on the list in some respects.

The newest anime, Pokemon Horizons, has managed to amplify the series’ more enigmatic qualities, thanks to the introduction of Liko, her pendant, and a brand-new Pokemon.

Horizons’ male protagonist, Roy, possesses a fair few surprises of his own, chief among them being his access to an ancient Poke Ball. While the anime explores previously unknown mysteries, the most recent episode answered an age-old question – How does the inside of a Poke Ball look?

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Pokemon Horizons shows an inside-look at a Poke Ball

Pokemon Horizons aired its fifth episode, “I Found You, Fuecoco,” in Japan on Friday, May 5. While Roy and the Explorers organization sat at the center of attention, some seemed more interested in a peculiar Poke Ball revelation.

French Pokemon Twitter account Pokekalos shared a screenshot from the episode, which showcases the innards of a Poke Ball. From the looks of it, creatures live in the lap of luxury when on the inside.

The image depicts one pocket monster reclining on a plush red couch, with a disco ball overhead and the flute of a sparkling beverage on the table in front. Someone’s obviously having a good time.

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Since Pokemon’s captured creatures spend a good chunk of their time in battle, it’s nice to know that they can live it up inside Poke Balls.

Hopefully, this Poke Ball news doesn’t mark the last of Pokemon Horizons’ intriguing revelations. The anime’s upcoming sixth episode, entitled “The Ancient Pokeball,” may do just that when it premieres in Japan on Friday, May 12.

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