Peter Pan & Wendy: Live action cast & characters

peter pan, wendy, and john and micheal flyingDisney+

Disney’s newest live action film, Peter Pan & Wendy, is dropping this Friday, so here’s all the characters and actors you need to know for it.

Peter Pan & Wendy is the newest live action film set to drop on the streaming service Disney+, though it seems to be a slight deviation, rather than a direct adaptation of the original animated Peter Pan film – if you’re wanting that, look no further than the 2003 version.

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The official plot of Peter Pan & Wendy is as follows: “Wendy Darling, a young girl looking to avoid boarding school, meets Peter Pan, a boy who refuses to grow up. Wendy, her brothers, and Tinker Bell travel with Peter to the magical world of Neverland, where she encounters an evil pirate captain.”

You may know a lot of these classic characters, but if you’re wanting to see who appears in this film, and what actor plays them, then look no further, as we have them listed all below.

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Alexander Molony – Peter Pan

peter panDisney+

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably already know who Peter Pan is. The boy who never grew up, Peter has remained a Disney staple throughout the years, as he invites young children to live with him in Neverland as his Lost Boys. True, he can be rather thoughtless and arrogant, since he is yet to have the wisdom of an adult, but he generally fights for what’s good, or at least for what’s a good time.

Peter is played by Alexander Molony, who also appears in Claude and The Reluctant Landlord.

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Ever Anderson – Wendy

wendy in peter pan and wendyDisney+

Wendy Darling is a character almost as famous as Peter Pan himself. She is the oldest of her three siblings, and in many iterations, the only girl in the story. Because of this, she tends to be pushed into a domestic role, mothering the Lost Boys, however it seems like things may be slightly different in this new adaptation. However, her close relationship with Peter will likely stay a focus of the plot.

Wendy is played by Ever Anderson, who can also be seen in Black Widow and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.

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Joshua Pickering and Jacobi Jupe – John Darling and Michael Darling

darlings in peter pan and wendyDisney+

John and Michael are Wendy’s younger brothers, who join her on her adventure to Neverland. The boys have differing personalities, John focusing more on intellect while Michael focuses on imagination, but both showcase the curiosity and wonder of young children. They gladly join Peter’s Lost Boys, and help out in the adventure whenever they can.

The brothers are played by Joshua Pickering and Jacobi Jupe. Pickering acts in A Discovery of Witches, while Jupe can be seen in Britannia and Tom Jones.

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Yara Shahidi – Tinker Bell

tinkerbell in peter pan and wendyDisney+

Like Peter Pan, Tinker Bell is one of the most iconic Disney characters out there. As a fairy in Neverland, her dust is what gives the children the ability to fly. Tinker Bell is cute but has a major attitude problem, though it seems like in this new iteration she’ll be a little bit nicer.

Tinker Bell is played by Yara Shahidi, who also appears in Salt, Black-ish, and Grown-ish.

Jude Law – Captain Hook

captain hook in peter pan and wendyDisney+

Captain Hook is yet another Disney character. A childish pirate captain who ironically hates children, Captain Hook is the nemesis of Peter Pan. He will do anything to defeat the boy, including capturing other children and making them walk the plank. However, Hook has another antagonist in terms of a ticking crocodile, which we’ll also be seeing in the movie.

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Jude Law is likely the most recognisable actor in the film, as he has appeared in blockbusters such as The Holiday, Sherlock Holmes, and The Talented Mr. Ripley.

Jim Gaffigan – Smee

smee in peter pan and wendyDisney+

Smee is the bumbling sidekick of Captain Hook, though you wouldn’t take him for the evil pirate type. It’s more so that he just wants to please Captain Hook, rather than actually cause harm to other people. However, as previously stated he is incredibly bumbling, which often leads to himself or others getting hurt out of his sheer stupidity.

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Smee is played by Jim Gaffigan, as seen in The Senator, Troop Zero, and American Dreamer.

Noah Matthews Matofsky, Sebastian Billingsley-Rodriguez, Florence Bensberg, Caelan Edie, Diana Tsoy, Felix de Sousa, Kelsey Yates and Skyler Yates – The Lost Boys

the lost boys in peter pan and wendyDisney+

The Lost Boys – which this time includes Lost Girls – are a group of children that Peter Pan has picked up amongst his adventures. These are all children who don’t wish to grow up. Instead, they live like bandits fighting against Captain Hook. In the Lost Boys, are Slightly, Nibs, Curly, the Twins, Bellweather, Tootles, and Birdie.

The Lost boys are played by numerous actors: Noah Matthews Matofsky, Sebastian Billingsley-Rodriguez, Florence Bensberg, Caelan Edie, Diana Tsoy, Felix de Sousa, Kelsey Yates and Skyler Yate. The group’s collective other work includes Nancy Drew, The Babysitters’ Club, The Good Doctor, Hollyoaks, 9-1-1 Lone Star, and Strike Back.

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Alyssa Wapanatâhk – Tiger Lily

tiger lily in peter pan and wendyDisney+

Tiger Lily has been a rather contentious character in previous iterations of the Peter Pan story, due to issues that range from whitewashing to cultural stereotyping. However, the concept of Tiger Lily, a Chief’s daughter who wishes to help Peter Pan in the fight against Captain Hook, is an interesting one, so hopefully this film will bring something good to the table.

Tiger Lily is played by Alyssa Wapanatâhk, who also appears in Riverdale, Rehab, and Bones of Crows.

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Alan Tudyk and Molly Parker – Mr. Darling and Mrs. Darling

mrs darling in peter pan and wendyDisney+

Mr. and Mrs. Darling are the parents of Wendy, John and Michael, who are opposed to the children’s desire to stay young forever. They generally have a rather minimal role in the Peter Pan narrative, but serve as an example of what adulthood “should” be like, which due to Mr Darling’s strict anger, doesn’t seem appealing to the kids at all.

The parents are played by Alan Tudyk and Molly Parker. Tudyk appears in Rogue One and Firefly, while Parker can be seen in Lost in Space and Pieces of a Woman.

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To see more of all of these characters and actors, check out the film’s trailer below:

Peter Pan & Wendy will drop on Disney+ on Friday, April 28.

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