Outlast cast: Full list of contestants in the Netflix reality show

The full cast and contestants in OutlastNetflix

Here’s your guide to the full cast and contestants of Outlast, Netflix’s new cut-throat reality series set in the punishing Alaskan wilderness.

The premise of the new survival series is simple: 16 survivalists, branded “lone wolves”, are dumped into the frosty, remote Alaskan wilderness.

This is an endurance game, so the last to survive could win up to $1 million – but there’s a twist: in order to win, you need to be part of a team. Their patience will be tested as much as their will to live, and lines will be crossed in their ruthless attempts to best one another with nobody to stop them.

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With the series soon to drop on Netflix, these are all of the contestants in the cast of Outlast.

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We’ve listed all of the contestants in Outlast. Below you’ll also find out a bit more about each player, so you know what they’re capable of.

Amber Asay

Amber Asay in Outlast on NetflixNetflix

Amber Asay is a 34-year-old from Phoenix, Arizona. After struggling with addiction and trauma from her past relationship, she took on the desert, the Enchantments, and long-haul hiking.

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“I feel as if my entire life experience has shaped me into a resilient, adaptable human being. What I have had to overcome in the past has shown me that with the right mindset, anything is possible,” she told Tudum.

Andrea Hilderbrand

Andrea Hilderbrand in a promotional picture for OutlastNetflix

Andrea Hilderbrand is a 51-year-old from Charlotte, North Carolina. She’s an engineer who also takes part in CrossFit competitions, survival sports, and enjoys mountaineering expeditions across the world.

Ahead of the show, she said: “I’ve been at 20,000 feet yacking from altitude sickness on the side of a crevasse-covered mountain, starving, dehydrated, and pressed on for another 10+ hours to summit and get back down to basecamp.

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“I’ve lost 10 pounds in an 11-hour period racing my mountain bike 100 miles at altitude. I can go on and on with stories of times when I pushed myself beyond what should have been possible. I can tough it out with the best of them.”

Angie Kenai

Angie Kenai in a promotional image for Outlast on NetflixNetflix

Angie Kenai is a 30-year-old from San Antonio, Texas. She’s a former member of the Texas State Guard, now working as an EMT, as well as enjoying climbing, fishing, and hunting.

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“I have respect for the land and the wildlife. I have lived my life with many obstacles – abuse, PTSD, bullying – and the skills I have learned to overcome them can be applied in every aspect of this exciting new challenge,” she said.

Brian Kahrs

Brian Kahrs in OutlastNetflix

Brian Kahrs is a 59-year-old from Holiday, Florida. As a teenager, he joined a survival group against the backdrop of Cold War tensions and nuclear drills, and his nickname is MacGyver.

“As a young man I realized that I was born with a natural ability to suffer, and so I did. Over my long hard life I have learned to accept and embrace overwhelming adversity with composure, like a cow standing in the rain. I actually delight in discomfort and use the pain as fuel,” he said.

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Corey Johnson

Corey Johnson in OutlastNetflix

Corey Johnson is a 28-year-old from Parker, Colorado. He was once a model, but found his true calling in the outdoors, and considers himself to be an expert in animal behavior.

He said: “A lot of things I’ve learned about the outdoors have been from getting in the field on my own. I’m excited to see how much I’ve learned in Colorado and how it translates into the backcountry of Alaska.”

Dawn Nelson

Dawn Nelson in Outlast on NetflixNetflix

Dawn Nelson is a 34-year-old from Creston, Washington. She’s a former prison officer, as well as an author, phlebotomist, and lab assistant. She was also diagnosed with cancer while pregnant with her daughter, and underwent a C-section, mastectomy, and several reconstructive surgeries.

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“It was never the surviving part that worried me. It was the social part. I knew if someone pissed me off, I’d make bear bait out of them,” she said.

Javier Colón

Javier Colón in Outlast on Netflix

Javier Colón is a 42-year-old from San Francisco, California. He has extensive outdoor traveling experience, having backpacked for 31 days across Spain and rode 18,000 miles on his bike from Canada to Tierra Del Fuego.

“Alaska is no different than any other location on Earth. If there’s fresh water and things to eat, I can survive. Typically, our only danger is the human animal. If I can avoid troubles with them, I should be fine,” he said.

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Jill Ashock

Jill Ashock in OutlastNetflix

Jill Ashock is a 40-year-old from New Haven, Kentucky. She’s a mother of three who also worked as a private investigator and firefighter, as well as teaching survival classes and being ranked first in her state for archery. She also built her own house.

Ahead of the show, she said: “There hasn’t been anything that life has thrown at me, stampeded over me or attempted to drown me in that I haven’t proudly survived. What can Alaska possibly have to test me with that I haven’t had to face and overcome, in some shape or form, already?”

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Joel Hungate

Joel Hungate in Outlast on NetflixNetflix

Joel Hungate is a 33-year-old from McCordsville, Indiana. He’s an engineer, healthcare and technology innovator, and mountaineer.

“I believe the generalist is a dying breed we sorely need to resurrect. The more experiences and perspectives you have, the more dots you can connect, the more interesting, adaptable and innovative you can be – and nowhere is that more critical than in a survival setting,” he said.

Jordan Williams

Jordan Williams in a promotional photo for OutlastNetflix

Jordan Williams is a 25-year-old from Fort Collins, Colorado. He’s a former US Marine.

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“I can tolerate challenging circumstances. Whether it’s sunshine or rain, I rely on my training to make decisions that can push me ahead of my competition,” he said.

Justin Court

Justin Court in OutlastNetflix

Justin Court is a 44-year-old from La Grange, Kentucky. He has a black belt in jiujitsu, he’s survived an avalanche, and has surfed all over the world.

When asked why he thinks he’ll survive in Alaska and beat the other Outlast contestants, he said: “I train every day to be hard to kill.”

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Lee Ettinger

Lee Ettinger in Outlast on NetflixNetflix

Lee Ettinger is a 57-year-old from Bigfork, Montana. He’s a former US Marine who also worked for the Japanese government. He’s also participated in extreme sports since he was a child.

“Marines don’t quit! I’ve been in extreme cold-weather training before, have lived for extended periods in harsh outdoor conditions with little to no food and I’ve always been able to overcome those obstacles,” he said.

Nick Radner

Nick Radner in OutlastNetflix

Nick Radner is a 36-year-old from Tampa, Florida. He’s a high-school teacher and wrestling coach with extensive experience in mountaineering.

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“I’m actually not confident I can survive out there. Although I really look forward to the challenge of it, I’m not an idiot. Alaska is terrifying. It’s killed men for thousands of years. Alaska is real. I can’t wait to see it, though,” he said.

Paul Preece

Paul Preece in Outlast on NetflixNetflix

Paul Preece is a 47-year-old from Knoxville, Tennessee. After hunting from a young age, he now considers himself to be a professional hunter and fisherman who also teaches his skills to kids and novice hunters.

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“Many nights, I went to bed hungry and cold growing up. I’ve been blessed that those days are left in my childhood, but equally blessed that they are forever etched into my DNA. I believe Alaska will throw everything she has at me, but I’ve been unknowingly preparing for this all my life,” he said.

Seth Lueker

Seth Lueker is one of the contestants in OutlastNetflix

Seth Lueker is a 31-year-old from Winchester, Virginia. He joined the Marines at the age of 19, where he expanded the survival skills he learned growing up on a farm.

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“My unique skill sets are my determination, my levelheadedness, communication skills, and ability to improvise. Also, I’m too dumb to die,” he said.

Timothy Spears

Timothy Spears in Outlast on NetflixNetflix

Timothy Spears is a 33-year-old from Fort Collins, Colorado. After taking a three-week trip to Canada with his late grandfather, he got the bug for the outdoors.

When asked why he thinks he’ll beat the other Outlast contestants, he said: “My ability to survive, my tenacity, my love for nature, and my drive to conquer the unconquerable. I love being in the woods, and this seems to be my most immense challenge yet.”

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And that’s everything we know about the contestants in Outlast. You can check out the rest of our coverage here.

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