One Piece: Zoro will always overshadow Sanji

An image of Zoro and Sanji fighting against King and Queen in One PieceCrunchyroll

In his entire crew, Luffy depends on Zoro and Sanji the most when it comes to fighting strong opponents. In each arc, Oda follows a specific pattern which always results in Zoro overshadowing Sanji.

One Piece is an epic story about friendship and adventures that are filled with several mysteries. If Zoro is considered Luffy’s right-hand man, then Sanji is his left-hand. As a future Pirate King, Luffy relies mostly on these two during the most crucial times.

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That said, Zoro and Sanji’s relationship isn’t considered the best in the series. They are always at odds with one another and would often try to prove their strength. And yet, despite all that, they are equally compatible when they fight together.

As part of the monster trio, they make sure to fight the strongest opponents while the rest of the crew handles the other enemies. However, Oda always lets Zoro overshadow Sanji – and there’s a good chance it will always be that way.

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Zoro and Sanji fight because they acknowledge each other’s strength

An image of Zoro and Sanji saving Toko from OrochiCrunchyroll

Though the fight between the Straw Hats’ swordsman and cook may add a comedic touch to the story, there’s more to it than that. Zoro is a level-headed person who doesn’t have a habit of mocking others. Meanwhile, Sanji may not be as calm as Zoro, but he also doesn’t always get into unnecessary fights. 

Time and again, Sanji has proven he can be the most brilliant crew member. They fight almost on a daily basis, and yet they completely trust each other when it counts.

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Sanji knows he cannot catch up to Zoro’s level. Therefore, he is always eager to show off his skills by fighting him. In comparison, Zoro’s great sense of pride doesn’t allow him to fall behind Sanji. He knows Sanji is skilled enough to be a worthy rival. 

Sanji is close in power to Zoro and can keep up with him in a fight with ease. Though they aren’t necessarily enemies – as proven in the “Zou Arc” when everyone panics over Sanji leaving the crew, only Zoro puts his faith in him. 

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Zoro is always one step ahead of Sanji

Oda follows a certain pattern in his storytelling, which also applies to the fights in each arc. Luffy will always defeat the strongest villain, followed by Zoro defeating the second-strongest and Sanji defeating the third-strongest.

This pattern also establishes a power hierarchy within the monster trio, and its solidified by their bounties. Sanji has only once surpassed Zoro in terms of bounty, and that’s because the latter wasn’t even in the arc.

What’s more, even if Sanji becomes stronger with each arc, so does Zoro and the other. In the “Wano Country Saga” also, Sanji gains a raid suit, whereas Zoro gains a legendary sword and even steals Kinemon’s technique.

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The fact that Sanji is sidelined because of Zoro is simply because the latter is Luffy’s first mate. As the first crew member, he needs to be in the spotlight. Therefore, even in the future, no matter how strong Sanji will become, there’s a definite possibility that Zoro will not lag behind. 

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