One Piece: Who deserves to be the Yonko instead of Buggy?

An image of Buggy from One Piece StampedeCrunchyroll

One Piece’s “Wano Country Saga” ends with Luffy and his allies overthrowing the two Yonkos Kaido and Big Mom. As a result, to maintain the balance of powers, Luffy and Buggy were declared as the new Yonkos. 

In One Piece, Yonko is the title given to the New World’s strongest and most dangerous pirates. The World Government places massive bounties on their heads and declares them to be the Emperors of the Sea based on their actions.

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However, what puzzled One Piece fans was how Buggy was declared a Yonko alongside Luffy. Buggy is one of the very few characters introduced at the beginning of the series. 

He and Luffy have always been at odds with each other, and yet their dynamic is rather funny. When the Straw Hats learned the news, only Luffy realized that something fishy was going on.

Is Buggy a strong character in One Piece?

An image of Yonko Buggy from One PieceCrunchyroll

Buggy has a high status among pirates. He has been in the Pirate King Roger’s crew along with Shanks as a child. Buggy then made a new crew and became a Warolord. He is also recently declared as the Yonko and has formed a so-called alliance with Mihawk and Crocodile.

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However, despite all this, Buggy isn’t a particularly strong character. Buggy’s Chop-Chop fruit grants him the ability to split his body into pieces and control those pieces however he sees fit. He can also use a variety of comical techniques such as Split Split Cannon Dismember, Split Split Emergency Escape, Split Split Car, and so on. 

However, none of these techniques is useful in battle. They only ever appear to add a comedic touch to the scene. Therefore, Buggy isn’t a powerful character in One Piece, and his rise to the ranks of Yonko is merely luck.

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Who should be the Yonko instead of Buggy?

An image of Luffy, Law, and Kid using their ability in One PieceCrunchyroll

Characters such as Mihawk, Crocodile, Rayleight, Kuzan, etc are leagues apart from Buggy in terms of strength. Although a few characters are powerful enough to become Yonko, other factors also need to be considered. The pirate in question needs to make enough accomplishments to be considered for that position. 

The reason Buggy managed to become one is that the Marines thought he was the leader in an alliance with Mihawk and Crocodile, which would have been a big deal had it been true. Since Whitebeard’s death, the only major incidents that happened because of pirates are Doflamingo’s defeat as well as Kaido’s and Big Mom’s deaths. 

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The pirates involved in these three incidents are Monkey D. Luffy and Trafalgar Law. Eustass Kid also joins the battle in Wano and contributes significantly to ensure their victory. Therefore, considering their strengths and accomplishments, either Law or Kid should’ve been declared Yonkos. 

The fact that they have the same bounty as Luffy is proof of that. Sadly, these fan-favourite characters are defeated by other Yonkos. There’s no telling if they will ever get a chance to get back on their feet and claim the title of Yonko or not. However, as things stand, one of these two would have gained the title alongside Luffy if the Marines hadn’t misunderstood Buggy.

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