One Piece: The incident of God Valley explained

An image of the members of Rocks Pirates that survived the God Valley IncidentCrunchyroll

Various mysteries shroud the island of God Valley and the incident that took place 38 years ago. Almost all the legendary characters of One Piece had some role to play in the incident.

One Piece develops its expansive world-building through backstories involving certain incidents that had some impact on the world. Whether it is the tragedy of Ohara, the massacre of Flevance, or even the adventures of Kozuki Oden, all these are covered in flashbacks. 

Similarly, an important incident in God Valley is mentioned during the “Wano Country Saga.” While the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance is fighting to take down Kaido and liberate Wano, the Marines are doing the best they can to learn more about the world. 

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Former Fleet Admiral Sengoku decides to teach the young recruits about the incident of God Valley that no one from the new generation seems to know. Here’s what really took place on the island of God Valley all those years ago. 

What is the incident that took place in God Valley?


Thirty-eight years ago, the Marines and Roger Pirates joined forces to take down the notorious pirate Rocks D. Xebec and his crew. While the captain of Roger Pirates was Gol D. Roger, the Marines were led by Monkey D. Garp.

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No one knows why several slaves of the Celestial Dragons were present at God Valley when the incident took place. Rocks’ plan was to harm the slaves, so Garp forms a temporary truce with Roger knowing that the Rocks Pirates are too powerful to take on alone. 

On that very day, Big Mom offered Kaido his mysterious Devil Fruit, putting the latter in a life debt. The Pirate-Marine alliance led to Xebec’s death and the crew’s disbandment. However, because teaming up with a pirate is a shameful act, the Marines kept the alliance under wraps. 

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What is the aftermath of the incident?

Soon after the incident, paired with Garp’s previous achievements, he gained the title of “Hero of the Marines.” Several times, Garp was asked to be an Admiral, but he refused the offer because of his hatred for Celestial Dragons. 

Xebec’s plan to oust the world nobles to become the ruler of the world as well as his secret name, “D,” was hidden from the world. Only a few Marines, mostly the veterans, knew of this and Roger’s involvement in the incident. 

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Soon after the incident, the island vanished without a trace, no longer showing up on world maps. Furthermore, the remaining members of the Rocks Pirates began forming their own crews and made a name for themselves. 

Whitebeard, Kaido, Big Mom, and Shiki became known as one of the mysterious pirates of the era. Additionally, Roger and Silvers Rayleigh found a baby Shanks in a treasure chest and took him in.

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