One Piece: The Foxfire Sword Style, explained

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Foxfire sword style is a very unique technique in One Piece and only Kinemon and Zoro can use it. Here’s a look at how it works.

As one of the shonen classics, One Piece portrays various characters with unique powers and abilities. While most use Haki or Devil Fruit abilities, some are proficient in wielding certain weapons, such as swords. These Swordsmen usually have unique fighting styles on top of imbuing their swords with Haki.

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One such intriguing technique is Kinemon’s Foxfire Sword Style, introduced in the Punk Hazard Arc. Kinemon uses this technique to cut through an explosion for the first time, unlike anything Eiichiro Oda has shown in One Piece.

When Kinemon is introduced as a Samurai from the Land of Wano, his powers as a swordsman aren’t that difficult to guess. However, Zoro immediately notices the potential behind this technique and copies it from him. Since Foxfire style is Kinemon’s original fighting style, he and Zoro are the only characters in the series who know how to use it. Here’s a deeper look at the unusual techniques and abilities of the Foxfire Sword Style.

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What is the Foxfire Sword Style in One Piece?

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Foxfire Style grants its users the ability to create fire, attack with it, and cut through any fire. This technique is suitable for both offence and defence. Because the users can cut through flames and explosions, they can protect themselves and their allies from any harm.

Furthermore, the created fire augments Kin’emon’s regular attacks and is helpful against heat-sensitive creatures. This concept can also be used for first aid, with the fire capable of cauterising potentially fatal wounds.

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After seeing Kin’emon use this fighting style, Roronoa Zoro cuts Prometheus in half and combines it with his own techniques. Kitsunebi is a ghost light that appears in Japanese folklore, similar to will-o’-the-wisps.

The techniques of the Foxfire Sword Style

The Foxfire Sword Style has a few techniques, but each one is highly effective.

Kinemon uses two techniques: “Homura Saki and Karyu Issen.” Homura Saki, meaning “Flame Split”, allows Kinemon to slash his sword to cut through an incoming fire attack.

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Karyu Issen, meaning “Firework Flash”, is a technique where Kinemon leaps into the air before launching a devastating attack engulfed in flames.

Furthermore, Zoro creates his original version of Homura Saki and calls it “Homura Saki: Rokudo no Tsuji,” literally meaning “Flame Split: Crossing of the Six Paths.” Using his Three Sword Style technique, Zoro can cut through flames into several pieces within seconds.

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