One Piece: How Jinbe inherited the will of Fisher Tiger & Otohime

An image of Jinbe revealing the mark of the Sun Pirates in One PieceCrunchyroll

Inherited will is the central concept behind the storytelling of One Piece. Although this concept is thoroughly explored in the series, fans fail to notice how Jinbe inherited the will of both Otohime and Fisher Tiger.

One Piece explores the theme of inherited will using various characters and their backstories. One of the greatest mysteries of the series is the “Will of D.” Inherited will refers to passing on someone’s dreams and ideals to future generations. 

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As such, there are several more inherited wills mentioned in the story. Whitebeard declares to the world moments before his death that, just as someone will receive Roger’s will, someone will inherit Ace’s will as well. As such, Luffy, the aspiring Pirate King, inherits Roger’s true dream and his will. 

Furthermore, Sabo inherited his brother Ace’s will. Nonetheless, despite the fact that the series has mentioned inherited will quite a few times, it never really dives deep into it. Jinbe, a former Warlord and a member of the Straw Hats may be the only character to have inherited the will of two people. Delve deeper to find out how Jinbe inherited the will of Otohime and Fisher Tiger.

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Jinbe inherited Fisher Tiger’s will to break the cycle of hatred


Fisher Tiger has always been a sort of hero to both the Fish-Men as well as the slaves of Mariejois. Even after witnessing the brutality of humans, he wishes to make the world a better place. He forms the Sun Pirates and sets out to sea to help those in need. It isn’t until the moment of his death that he realizes that he still holds on to that deep-rooted hatred for humans. He never tells anyone that he was once a slave in Mariejois, hiding his prejudice within himself. 

It is because of that hatred that he refuses to infuse human blood and save his own life. Even though he could live by a simple blood transfusion, his pride doesn’t allow him to. However, before dying, Fisher Tiger requests his crew not to utter a word about the cause of his death as it will only continue the cycle of hatred. 

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This cycle should break with his generation, and the future generation shouldn’t inherit their hatred. People from his generation are too resentful to make a real change. Therefore, only children who haven’t yet inherited those negative emotions are the only hope for a better future. 

After his death, Jinbe becomes the new captain of the Sun Pirates. As selfless as he is, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Jinbe has spent the majority of his life for others’ sake. He became a Warolord for the sake of his people and took it upon himself to carry on Fisher Tiger’s legacy.

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Jinbe inherited Queen Otohime’s will to bridge the gap between races

An image of Jinbe transfusing his blood with Luffy in One PieceCrunchyroll

Queen Otohime, the late wife of King Neptune, spent her entire life trying to bridge the gap between Fish-Men and humans. She would always come out of her comfort zone to spread her ideologies among the masses. However, she focused too much on structural issues that she didn’t really understand the cycle of hatred on an individual level. She believed that simply obtaining some signatures and getting permission to live in the world was enough to pave a better future for her people. 

However, though she is able to move many with her speech, there are several more who refuse to allow themselves to be at peace with humans. In the war between Fish-Men and humans, the former has always suffered the greatest disadvantage. 

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She ultimately dies at the hands of one such Fish-Man who refuses to accept any truce with humans. After Hordy Jones shoots her and blames it on a human, Otohime says the same words as Fisher Tiger. She also wants to end the cycle of hatred and that it is not a burden their children should carry. 

Jinbe accepts both of their ideologies and strives to make their dreams a reality. He becomes the first Fish-Man to be highly regarded by friends and foes alike. Even after joining the Straw Hats, Jinbe strives to make the surface world a better place for his people.

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